Kellyanne Conway Crumbles As Jake Tapper Goes After Trump’s Pathological Lies

Kellyanne Conway couldn’t answer as CNN’s Jake Tapper used his interview to hammer Trump for having no credibility due to the fact that he pathologically lies and won’t tell the truth.


Jake Tapper asked, “Do you think his job includes lying to the American people because he continues does so, and he undermines his own administration when he does so?”

Conway answered by accusing Tapper of trying to create a viral moment, which has become a common Conway line when gets a tough question. It is 2018’s version of Palin’s cries of gotcha’ questions.

Tapper replied, “No. I would like him to stop lying, quite frankly.”

Conway said that Trump doesn’t lie, then tried to change the subject.

Jake Tapper came back to the topic with a very specific example, “He went on Twitter and talked about the three American hostages and how the Obama administration tried and failed to get them free. Two of the three were detained while Donald Trump was president tlmpt is no way that Obama could have gotten them released because they were captured when trump was president. That is just a lie and that tweet is still up there. That is just symbolic of the fact that this president gets in his own way all the time even when there is something good happening.”

Conway replied, “You are focussed on the tweet and we are focussed on the hostages.”

Tapper pressed, “Why is he blaming Obama for hostages taken while he was president?”

Conway was now clearly reeling, Jake, He was probably thinking about President Obama and the terrible Iran nuclear deal.”

Jake Tapper continuned, “But why not just tell the truth?”

Tapper got to the heart of a very important issue. Trump lies about everything, and the media has caught on, so he has zero credibility. Whether it is Stormy Daniels, Russia, or any issue of the day, Trump doesn’t tell the truth. This interview with Kellyanne Conway may get buried in the next Rudy Giuliani implosion, but Kellyanne Conway could defend or answer about why her boss is a liar. Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn’t answer questions about Trump’s lies earlier this week.
The press has finally joined the American people in refusing to accept this administration’s constant and unending lies.

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