Another One Bites The Dust As Trump Gave Kellyanne Conway COVID

The Trump COVID outbreak claimed another Republican as Kellyanne Conway announced that she has the coronavirus.

Conway tweeted:

Conway is apparently another victim of Trump’s Amy Coney Barrett super spreader Rose Garden event. The party line from all of these Republicans is that their symptoms are mild. Trump’s symptoms were so mild that he ended up flown to Walter Reed for a days-long stay.

Democrats haven’t had this sort of outbreak in their party, because they have listened to the scientists and health experts. Their party also isn’t being led by a person who hates masks.

The GOP coronavirus outbreak can be traced back to Donald Trump. It wasn’t enough for Trump to kill 200,000 plus Americans and drive the economy into the ground. Trump wasn’t satisfied until he managed to spread the virus all through the Republican Party with roughly a month to go until Election Day.

Trump has literally turned the Grand Old Party into a disease-infested mess.

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