Kellyanne Conway Tells Fox News Viewers To Vote For Pedophile Roy Moore So Taxes Can Be Cut For The Rich

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway told Fox News viewers on Fox and Friends to vote for accused pedophile Roy Moore so that Donald Trump can cut taxes for the rich.


Here is the transcript, with the White House’s complete lack of morality highlighted:

Donald Trump’s senior adviser is encouraging voters to put a pedophile in the Senate because a pedo Republican will vote for tax cuts for the rich. There is no morality in this White House. There is no sense of common decency in the Republican Party.

Doug Jones is a decent man who will represent Alabama with honor. Throwing around the word liberal is probably not going to be enough to convince voters to put a man in the Senate who shouldn’t be left alone in a room with underage girls.

Tax cuts for the wealthy are more important than anything else to Republicans. They will gladly turn the other way and put a possible sex criminal in their Senate majority if that means that people like Donald Trump get a massive tax cut.

It’s bigger than governing. The former party of family values is openly admitting that they have no values at all.