Kellyanne Conway says Biden and Psaki lost credibility

Kellyanne “Alternative Facts” Conway Claims Psaki And Biden Have Lost Credibility

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:48 pm

Kellyanne Conway said that President Biden and Press Secretary Jen Psaki had lost credibility with the American people.


Conway said on Fox News, “Joe Biden he has this way, Jen Psaki, of playing the blaming game name and shame nonsense of Washington, but it would rely on the American people believing, and they’ve lost credibility, not just in the message, but in the messengers. You know, Laura, I like to say Democrats don’t have a messaging problem. They have a fact problem, and it is reflected in the polls.”

Kellyanne Conway Is The Last Person Who Should Be Talking About Facts And Credibility

Kellyanne Conway has no credibility. The reason why she is doing appearances on Fox News is that she couldn’t get hired by any media outlet after leaving the Trump administration.

Conway committed multiple Hatch Act violations by using her position in the Executive Branch for partisan political purposes, and she is the person who infamously coined the term alternative facts. 

Kellyanne Conway lied daily for Donald Trump, so she is the last person who is qualified to sit on the sidelines and criticize Joe Biden and Jen Psaki.

Conway’s criticism is an admission that Biden and Psaki’s messaging worked, so is she is trying to destroy their credibility.

Kellyanne Conway was one of the worst propagandists ever to work in a White House. It is laughable that she is trying to criticize Joe Biden and Jen Psaki for restoring honesty to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

If Kellyanne Conway had any credibility, she would have been able to get a job in mainstream media instead of tossing smokescreens from the corner of Fox News.

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