In a Single Tweet, Meghan McCain Reveals GOP’s Cruel Disregard for Common Decency

Donald Trump’s mockery of a disabled reporter was bad enough. To see a well-respected actress mocked for standing up for the rights of disabled Americans is difficult to take. But that’s precisely what Donald Trump did in response to being taken to task by Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes last night.

It was bad enough that Kellyanne Conway says that by defending disabled people Meryl Streep is “inciting peoples worst instincts.” Predictably, it gets worse, as Meghan McCain, Co-host of Fox News’ OutNumbered jumps in to point fingers not at the offending Donald Trump, but at people offended by Trump’s attack on that disabled reporter. She tweeted,

So defending disabled people gave Donald Trump the win? Trump mocked a disabled reporter and then lied about it. As his response to Streep shows, he is still lying about it.

Billy Eichner, Emmy-nominated host of “Billy on the Street,” had an answer to McCain’s absurd response to a simple statement of fact by a woman gracious enough to divert the spotlight from her to a man who was cruelly attacked by Donald Trump because he is disabled:

This fact only incensed McCain more, leading her to tweet a response particularly interesting coming from a person working inside the Fox News bubble:

And never mind, Megan McCain, that Trump called Americans “stupid.” Eichner had an answer to that too, a perfect answer, as it happens:

Eichner wasn’t alone. Author Molly Knight tweeted a keen observation illustrating the shaky ground upon which McCain rests her argument:

McCain’s cluelessness is exceeded only by Trump’s own. As another observer noted of the exchange,

Republicans sit in a reality bubble of their own making and then claim it is the rest of us who are out of touch with reality. Trump did not win because his enemies respect the disabled. He won because Vladimir Putin, FBI Director Comey, and the mainstream media colluded to help him win.

If Trump won because his enemies respect disabled people we are in a lot more trouble than we thought (and we’re in plenty already).

Meghan McCain has in a single tweet exposed everything that is wrong with the Republican Party with its embrace of heartless cruelty and willful ignorance of our shared reality.