Kellyanne Conway Tells Addicts That They Need “Will” Not Healthcare Coverage For Treatment

Kellyanne Conway argued on ABC’s This Week that the government needs to spend less money on treating opioid addiction, and instead addicts need to rely on “will” to get healthy.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

CONWAY: And George, I would point out that President Obama, through ObamaCare and else wise, poured money into crises like this and where are we?

You can fill up every seat in Yankee Stadium and that accounts for the number of people who died of drug addiction in this country just last year. Thirty-three thousand of whom opioid-related. It’s a gateway to heroin use, fentanyl, carfentanil. It’s all of these problems.

And so pouring money into the problem is not only answer. We have to get serious about in-facility treatment and recovery. It…

STEPHANOPOULOS: That takes money, Kellyanne.

CONWAY: It takes money and it also takes a four letter word called will. It takes the focus that it includes money, but it also includes understanding the difference between just interdiction and prevention, but, also recovery and treatment.

We have a lot more success stories now even though no state has been spared and no demographic group has been untouched.

George, money alone hasn’t solved this problem. ObamaCare spent billions of dollars and where are we?

That really was an adviser to the President Of The United States suggesting that while a crisis of opioid addiction ravages the country, the US should spend less money on drug treatment and instead rely on “will” to solve the problem.

Conway’s comments part of a pattern with the Trump administration. The White House blames victims instead of solving problems. According to Trump, poor people aren’t smart enough to be in his administration. It has become a common belief among Republicans that people are poor because they refuse to work. In this same This Week interview, Conway suggested that if people want health insurance, they should just get a job. Addicts don’t any help getting clean because they lack the “will” to kick their addiction.

The Trump White House believes in blaming people, not helping them.

Donald Trump talked a big game about combating the opioid epidemic during the presidential campaign, but what he really meant was addicts, and their families will be on their own.