Kellyanne Conway May Have Been Exposed To Coronavirus

Trump administration members Kellyanne Conway and Betsy DeVos may have been exposed to the coronavirus at CPAC.

Raheem Kassam tweeted the list of people who may have been exposed:

He also tweeted that attendees are angry over the lack of information that they have been provided:

Trump has tried to hide information about the public about the number of coronavirus cases, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he would hide information from members of his administration and some of his most loyal supporters.

So far Donald Trump may have been exposed, and Sen. Ted Cruz has confirmed that he was exposed to the coronavirus at CPAC. It is starting to look like conservatives would have been safer on a cruise ship on hanging out along the Southern Border than they were at CPAC.

If Kellyanne Conway gets the coronavirus, she will call it fake news and make the Iranian health minister who went on television with the coronavirus look like Honest Abe Lincoln.

Trump is trying to downplay the virus as it is exposing itself within his administration.

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