Kellyanne Conway Falls Apart And Can’t Defend Trump’s Kim Jong Un Insult Pity Party

Kellyanne Conway couldn’t defend Trump when asked if the President’s Twitter insult war with Kim Jong Un was helpful on ABC’s This Week. The only defense that Trump’s top propagandist could come up with was that Un started it.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

RADDATZ: How is that helpful? How is that helpful?

CONWAY: Martha, what’s helpful in full context is a 13-day trip where the president is very focused on global security and combating terrorism, and most importantly containing a nuclearized North Korea.

North Korea is everyone’s business. This man has been on the job for nine or ten months. We inherited a mess, including a nuclearized North Korea, including the Iran deal, including many hot spots around the globe that he is trying, when he’s here at his desk and when he’s abroad on these trips. He’s trying to make better on behalf of everyone.

RADDATZ: And you think name-calling is helpful? Calling somebody short and fat?

CONWAY: I think that that was a — the president just responding the way he does to somebody who insulted him first, but I look at the full context of his entire trip and everything that he’s trying to do. I think it’s been an incredibly successful and inspiring trip for those who care about North Korea not being nuclearized, for those who care about free trade in this country, for those who care about trade agreements that don’t keep screwing Americans and American workers, for those who care about Syria and what happens with China.

There was no real defense of Trump in Conway’s answer, just the usual he started it refrain that the Trump team has been using since the 2016 election. All Conway could do is try and pivot away. Her inability to answer the question was an admission that the President is not fit to govern. Finger pointing is not a policy. He started it is not a defense of presidential behavior. It is what grade school children say when the teacher breaks up a conflict during recess.

Kellyanne Conway is supposed to be Trump’s media Dr. Feelgood, but even she couldn’t spin her way of the latest unstable Trump mess.

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