Kellyanne Conway Tries To Attack The Grand Jury Investigating Trump And Humiliates Herself

Kellyanne Conway tried to attack the grand jury that is looking into the Trump/Russia scandal and humiliated herself by not knowing that grand juries aren’t secret.


Conway said, “You know, the grand jury investigations are meant to remain secret, so someone leaked it. It could be anybody that’s in the grand jury. It could be one of the lawyers. It could be anyone, I suppose.”

That is not how any of this works.

As USA Today law and justice reporter, Brad Heath tweeted:

Conway and Fox tried to pivot the conversation back to what they view as the real scandal. LEAKERS!!!

It is side splitting funny to listen to the painful desperation of Conway and Fox News as they try to whip up fear and outrage over leakers:

The real story isn’t Trump financial crimes with Russia, or Trump collusion with Russia, or Trump obstruction of justice.

What Fox and the White House want people to be worried about are leaks.

Kellyanne Conway humiliated herself while trying to attack the grand jury that is investigating Trump. Her false and misleading information would be laughable if it didn’t misinform millions of Americans. Conway can’t attack the grand jury because its existence became publicly known.

It is impossible to know what kind of Law and Order on acid, Conway is pushing, but her attack on the grand jury was a humiliating flop.