Kellyanne Conway’s Days Are Numbered As Investigation Launched Into Her Private Jet Travel

Kellyanne Conway’s days in the White House could be numbered as House Oversight Committee ranking member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has launched an investigation into her private jet travel with Tom Price.

Here is the letter that Cummings sent to Conway:

No one seems to know what Kellyanne Conway’s job is in the White House. People inside the White House have been asking for months what Conway does when she isn’t on television supporting Trump.

As Vanity Fair reported:

Even in the White House, there has been a growing lack of clarity. “There is some confusion about what she does day to day,” one White House aide told me. “She has an agenda of the issues she wants to work on and is very passionate about and plans to help out with. But it’s less clear how she’s working on them on a daily basis.”

Conway’s job appears to be to babysit Trump and act as his personal cheerleader. Much like everyone else in this administration, she doesn’t appear to be accomplishing anything, and now, her lavish private jet travel has drawn Congressional oversight. Rep. Cummings is putting the heat on Conway, who has not said a word about the flights, to pay back the taxpayers.

If Kellyanne Conway becomes a distraction, she will find herself booted from the White House. She doesn’t need to be a White House senior adviser to go on cable news and lie for Trump. Conway’s days in the White House could be numbered, as Democrats aren’t backing off of the Trump administration’s waste of taxpayer money on private flights.

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