Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump Calling Omarosa A Dog

Kellyanne Conway refused to condemn Trump calling the only African-American woman worked in his administration a dog.


Conway was asked by reporters if it was appropriate for the president to call a woman a dog?

She answered, “It is inappropriate for someone to say they’ve never heard the president use certain words and never tell us they have concern about it, then say it later on. I didn’t — ”

Kellyanne Conway admitted that she briefed Trump about the rumors of an N-word tape, but she later claimed that Trump has never said anything like that in the two years that she has worked with him, “I’ve worked alongside Donald Trump for two straight years and never heard him say anything like that.”

That was a nice dodge from Kellyanne Conway, but the question wasn’t did she ever hear Trump use the N-word. The question was about Trump calling an African-American woman a dog. It is not Omarosa’s fault that Trump used the N-word, and in a tape that she released today, it is clear that the campaign knew that Trump used racist language.

As if his attacks on prominent African-Americans ranging from Obama and Oprah to Lebron James and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) weren’t a big enough tip-off, there is likely a tape out there of Trump using a word that will not only doom his political future, but also doom any Republican who stands by him in the midterm election.

Kellyanne Conway is going to defend every single thing that Trump says, even when his words would be more appropriate coming from someone in a white hood instead of the White House.

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