Kellyanne Conway Tells People Who Trump Is Kicking Off Health Insurance To Get A Job

During an appearance on Fox and Friends, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway told all of the people who are going to lose their healthcare because of Trump to get a job.


Conway said, “If you’re able-bodied and would like to go and find employer-sponsored benefits then you should be able to do that, and maybe as Sec. Price has made clear, you belong in other places, but I’m not going to allow people and detractors and Trump haters to call me a liar, because they don’t want to do the homework, and look at what’s actually happening to Medicaid.”

Kellyanne Conway made it sound like people are on Medicaid because they are too lazy to get a job that will offer employer-sponsored health care benefits, but that isn’t what is happening. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only 46% of employers offer health care coverage. Nearly eight in ten adults on Medicaid are in working families. Fifty-nine percent of adults on Medicaid are working.

It isn’t that the people on Medicaid don’t work. The problem is that they work at jobs that don’t offer health insurance.

The Trump mentality is to blame the person, not their policies. It is a person’s own fault that they are going to lose their insurance under Trumpcare because they should get a better job. The reality is that if these people can’t find jobs that offer healthcare, they are going to lose their insurance.

In other words, if you are one of the 23 million who are going to lose your coverage under Trumpcare, it’s your own fault. Don’t expect Donald Trump and the Republican Party to care about your lack of health insurance, because they don’t.