Kellyanne Conway Shows Why She Should Be Banned From TV After 2 Disastrous Interviews

Network morning shows continue to give Kellyanne Conway airtime, as she abuses the public airwaves with false statements. Television networks need to do the right thing and ban her from appearing on their programs.

Conway appeared on NBC’s Today:

Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie asked Conway about Trump’s claim that the jobs numbers were fake, but now they are real.

Conway answered by claiming that there was a lot of fakery under Obama, “He’s also talking about things that were fake like you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor. You can keep your plan if you like your plan for people who were promised something that never came.”

On 19 different occasions, Trump called the jobs numbers fake, and Kellyanne Conway continued to spread that lie by suggesting that things during the Obama years were fake.

Conway also appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America:

Conway claimed during the GMA interview that no one will lose their health care under Trumpcare and that she never claimed that Trump Tower was spied on using the techniques that were in the recent Wikileaks document dump.

Kellyanne Conway also claimed that the Democratic Party, who are defending the current health care law, have no ideas, “I’ve noticed that the Democratic Party has no ideas. It’s resist. It’s obstruct. They’re not even coming up with anything workable.”

Conway’s statement is not even anywhere near the ballpark of reality.

Democrats have multiple bills and plans that improve on Obamacare and move the country towards universal coverage.

Kellyanne Conway should not be allowed to appear on network television. She has no interest in the truth and is constantly speaking to appease an audience that consists of the man in the Oval Office.

Conway has zero credibility. The broadcast networks should follow the lead of CNN and MSNBC and ban Conway from their shows. A person who is abusing the public airwaves to lie has no place on American television.

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