CNN Reporter Confronts Sean Spicer And Asks Why Are The Cameras Off At White House Briefing

CNN’s Jim Acosta confronted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer at the press briefing and asked him why the cameras are off. Instead of giving an answer, Spicer ignored the question.

The exchange began when Acosta shouted a question to Spicer about the healthcare bill. Spicer ignored the question, but said, “The cameras are off, Jim.”

Acosta captured his response in a tweet:

The CNN reporter had fumed before the briefing began:

The Beltway media is conflicted. Some of them want to handle the blackout through the official White House Correspondents Association, while others like Acosta, are ready for confrontation and rebellion.

Trump is escalating his information suppression. The President has stopped taking questions during his press events with world leaders at the White House:

Beltway reporters and the networks are terrified of losing access to the White House, which is the reason why no one has turned on their camera and filmed the briefing. Some think that the reporters should stop attending the briefings, but doing so would give Trump exactly what he wants. Trump is attempting to dodge accountability and keep the American people in the dark. What Acosta is doing might be too aggressive for some of his colleagues, but he is correct.

What makes anyone think that this White House will respect or pay attention to anything that the White House Correspondents Association has to say?

If reporters want the cameras back on, they are going to have to attend the briefings and fight for First Amendment.

Anything less is a victory for Trump.

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