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North Korea Is Hiding Its Nukes, Deceiving U.S.

The Washington Post is reporting this morning that U.S. intelligence agencies have obtained new evidence that North Korea will not surrender its nuclear stockpile, contrary to the assertions of President Donald Trump. U.S. officials also believe that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is attempting to hide its nuclear weapons and conceal its nuclear weapons…


Faith Communities On Front Lines Of Defense Against Voter Suppression

Faith communities are strategically and uniquely positioned to be on the front lines of defense against voter suppression in the upcoming midterm elections. By ensuring members of their community are registered to vote, know their polling place, and other voting rights, faith communities can ensure voter participation especially among persons of color and other minority groups. Faith communities can play a vital role in making sure every vote is counted.


Trump Supporter Pulls Gun at Alabama ‘Families Belong Together’ Rally

A supporter of President Donald Trump disrupted a “Families Belong Together” rally in Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday by pulling a gun that he brought to the peaceful demonstration against Trump’s immigration policies. It was reported on Twitter: “Another right-winger demonstrating #civility and responsible gun ownership. Counter-protester Shane Ryan Sealy pulls gun at #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch in Huntsville,…

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