Capital Gazette Calls Out Trump’s Violent Rhetoric After Mass Shooting In Their Newsroom

In an open letter, the staff of the Capital Gazette said that they will never forget those who lost their lives in a mass shooting in their newsroom. They also said that they will never forget the death threats and those who call them the enemy of the people.

Via an open letter:
Here’s what else we won’t forget: Death threats and emails from people we don’t know celebrating our loss, or the people who called for one of our reporters to get fired because she got angry and cursed on national television after witnessing her friends getting shot.

We won’t forget being called an enemy of the people.

No, we won’t forget that. Because exposing evil, shining light on wrongs and fighting injustice is what we do.

Trump has made journalism a much more dangerous profession in the United States, which is why his new stance that reporters should not be attacked for doing their jobs was viewed as hypocritical. Trump has fed his supporters nearly daily rhetoric that demonizes journalists and the free press, because he doesn’t want facts to be reported, and he doesn’t like negative coverage. Trump wants all of journalism to be like Fox News.

He wants people of the United States to have only state-run media with no access to truth.

Journalists are not the enemy of the people. They often work long hours for low pay, because they believe in the truth. Journalists believe in holding those in power accountable. It is why Trump hates journalists, and why the people at the Capital Gazette should remind us all of how much journalists sacrifice to report the news.