Sam Donaldson Tells Trump’s Supporters That They Are Un-American

Legendary correspondent Sam Donaldson said that the real un-Americans in the United States are those who knowingly support Trump.


Donaldson told CNN’s Jim Acosta:

I’ve admired conservatives who believe because they think the government is encroaching too much. But the ones who now are supporting Donald John Trump and Trump-ism when they know better if they’re ignorant in the dictionary definition of the sense I feel sorry for them. But those people who know better not only are they cowards, but they’re the ones who are un-American. 

Donald Trump has said we in the press are un-American. All Democrats are un-American and the enemies of the state. We’re the enemies of the state. Now they’re calling the FBI our principal national law enforcement agency which keeps us all safe and has for decades and decades un-American. How dare they? How dare they? Who are these people?

Donaldson was right. Real conservatives have long ago bolted the Republican Party. What is left are the people who have warped conservatism to justify big government and big government spending.

Those that are left behind in the husk of what used to be Lincoln’s party have become opposed to American values. 

Trump and supporters label anyone who opposes them as un-American when the true un-Americans are those Republicans who are knowingly enabling Trump and his fascist tendencies to destroy democracy.