Fox News Uses Propaganda From The Syrian Government to Attack Obama

Fox News Uses Propaganda From The Syrian Government to Attack Obama

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During an interview with Sec. of State John Kerry, Fox News Sunday’s, Chris Wallace used propaganda from the state run newspaper in Syria to attack President Obama.



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WALLACE: You talk about this is going to make it worse for Assad. After the president announced his decision, officials in Damascus were saying that the president had flinched. Had made a joke of the American administration. A newspaper out in the streets of Damascus calls this, “the start of the historic American retreat.” Haven’t you handed Syria and Iran at least a temporary victory?

KERRY: I don’t believe so at all and that is in the hands of the Congress of the U.S. The president has made his decision. The president wants to stand up and make certain that we uphold the international norm. That we do not grant impunity to a ruthless dictator to gas his own people. Anybody who saw those images. Anybody who now focuses on the evidence that I just gave you about signatures of saran in the hair and blood samples of first responds. I mean first responders died. People who went to help the people who were hurt died in this case. This is a man who has committed a crime against humanity, and I can’t imagine the Congress of the United States will not recognize our interests with respect to Iran, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, our friends in the region, the Syrian people, the opposition. America’s credibility is on the line here. And I expect the Congress of the United States to do what is right, to stand up and be counted, and I think the Assad regime needs to recognize that they have refocused the energy of the American people on him, on his regime.

What Wallace left out of his question is the fact that the source of his quote was the Assad regime’s official state run newspaper. Fox News would rather side with a regime that is gassing its own people than agree with President Obama on anything. It is ironic, but not surprising in the least, that the Republican Party’s propaganda outlet would have no problem with passing off propaganda from a dictatorship as a source of journalistic credibility.

Fox News handles Republican propaganda every day. For them, propaganda is fact.

Can you imagine the Republican outrage if MSNBC would have tried to pass off propaganda from Saddam Hussein as the feelings of the people on the ground in Iraq? Republicans far and wide would have been screaming about how MSNBC was un-American and the pro-Saddam network. Yet, Fox News freely quotes propaganda from the Assad regime, and nobody says a peep.

There are lots of arguments that can be made for and against military action in Syria. The country will hopefully hear all of these all of these points over the next week and a half, but an American network using propaganda from a foreign dictator to attack the president is a borderline treasonous act.

As he gasses his own people, Assad now knows that he can count on Fox News to carry his message to the American people.

Fox News is so guided by partisan politics that they are siding with a dictator just so that they can oppose Obama.

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