Republicans Propose New Bill That Would Sue Obama For Being President

Republicans Propose New Bill That Would Sue Obama For Being President


In their quest to stop President Obama from doing anything, House Republicans are trying to pass a new bill that would give them the authority to sue Obama for being president.

According to The Hill:

House Republicans are again taking aim at the Obama administration for its failure to enforce laws passed by Congress.

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Republicans serving on two key committees have introduced legislation that would allow the House or Senate to authorize a lawsuit against the Obama administration.

The ENFORCE the Laws Act is the latest GOP response to complaints that President Obama is willfully ignoring or altering federal law. As examples, Republicans have cited the several delays to ObamaCare provisions, and Obama’s 2011 decision to delay deportation proceedings against illegal immigrants who have not committed a crime.

This is the second time that Republicans have tried this stunt. The STOP Act went nowhere, so House Republicans want the power to sue President Obama for doing his job. Their claim is that the head of the executive branch of our government does not have the authority to make decisions in implementing the law.

It’s time for a basic civics lesson for Republicans. The legislative branch passes laws. The executive branch implements laws. What House Republicans are suggesting is that President Obama does not have the constitutional authority to implement any law without their consent. Courts have ruled for decades that the executive branch has discretionary powers when it comes to implementing the law. The legal standard is that the law has to be implemented in a timely fashion. President Obama has not refused to implement any laws.

Republicans claim that Obama is engaging in constitutional overreach, but this piece of legislation in the House suggests that it is the Republicans who are trying to tilt the balance of constitutional powers. They are trying to take power away from the executive branch, and render President Obama politically paralyzed.

Obama has promised a year of action. The idea that the president might use his powers to accomplish anything has sent Republicans fleeing to the courts, where they are literally trying to sue Barack Obama for being president.

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