Instead of Creating Jobs, John Boehner Has Been Planning To Sue Obama For Six Months

Instead of Creating Jobs, John Boehner Has Been Planning To Sue Obama For Six Months


Instead of doing his job, John Boehner has spent the last six months plotting to sue President Obama.

The Washington Examiner

Obama and congressional Democrats are calling the move a political stunt because of the timing of the announcement, which came less than five months before the midterm elections.

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But Boehner actually started putting the lawsuit together in January.

Six months ago, at the speaker’s direction, House leadership aides began consulting with legal scholars and Republican staff on the House Judiciary Committee in preparation to jumpstart legal action.

During the intervening period, Boehner has leaned on Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, and Reps. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Trey Gowdy of South Carolina for advice on how to put the House’s case in the best position to be heard and decided favorably by the courts.

In the past six months House Republicans have blocked job creation bills, spending on infrastructure, refused to extend unemployment benefits, and refused to pass any legislation at all unless it involves tax cuts, rolling back regulations, or attacking Obamacare.

Instead of actually passing legislation, Republicans were plotting to sue President Obama. Suing the president is not part of their job, but since they aren’t interested in doing what they were sent to Washington to do, the country is forced to deal with a legislative body that is spreading their obstruction to the judicial branch.

This is why the American people need to go to the polls, and send the House Republican majority packing.

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