Republicans May Try To Steal The Senate By Rigging The Kansas Election

Republicans May Try To Steal The Senate By Rigging The Kansas Election


Democrats and Independents need to be on alert because the environment is right for Republicans to try to steal control of the Senate by rigging the vote in the Kansas Senate race.


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VANDEN HEUVEL: I think one of the biggest — first of all, turnout is going to be a big issue. And there’s no denying that the Democratic base, Latinos, African-Americans, single women, young people, are not in great form and not that happy about what’s going on.

But rigging the vote has become a Republican hallmark. When we talk about Kansas, I don’t look at Greg Orman or Pat Roberts. I look at that secretary of state who manipulated the ballot and registration. And limiting the voting access means cutting out large parts of our community, African-Americans, single women…

Katrina vanden Heuvel’s concern is justified, especially in Kansas. The Secretary of State in Kansas, Kris Kobach, has been called the nation’s worst Republican. Kobach is a tea party darling who has close ties to Gov. Sam Brownback. Brownback and Kobach both support incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts, who currently trailing Independent Greg Orman. Kobach tried to keep the Democratic Senate candidate’s name on the ballot after he had withdrawn from the race. The Sec. of State had to be taken to court and forced by the Kansas Supreme Court to remove Democrat Chad Taylor’s name from the ballot. After the Supreme Court ruling, Kobach tried to send absentee ballots out overseas with the Democratic candidate’s name still on them, but reversed course a day later.

Republicans realize that if they lose Kansas, they probably won’t win control of the Senate. Kobach is desperate to get Roberts reelected, so it would surprise no one if the same Sec. of State who purged 20,000 people from the voting rolls in Kansas would try to rig the Senate race for Roberts.

Democrats should be worried about the potential for what could happen in Kansas. The environment is perfect for some Republican vote rigging in the state. Democrats have been very successful at combating Republican vote rigging schemes in the past few elections, but with an Independent running, and Democrats staying out of the way, Kobach attempting to sway the election to Roberts isn’t just a possibility. It should be expected.

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