Sweet Moment: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

An oldie but goodie — a picture of the President and First Lady in a freight elevator at the Inaugural Ball, January 20, 2009.

It’s love:

Kinda makes you dream about the two of them at the Inaugural Ball of 2013. What are you doing to make that happen? Share in comments.

Photo by Pete Souza/White House via Getty Images

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6 Replies to “Sweet Moment: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama”

  1. Boy, did they ever have a Four Fun Packed years ahead of them! That’s so Nice of you, Guest Contributor, to post that pic of the Obamas. That and a few other millions things make me wish PObama Gets Re-elected!

    I’m doing what I can by contributing to our Campaign and posting Reality Facts about PBO via the net.

    I don’t Twitter to hold the corporate “media” accountable but know lots of peeps on the obama diary who do. If we had a free press this would be a whole different country. Our so called “fourth estate” is the biggest enemy we have, imv. cnn wants to be fox that makes you stupid. Oh, yes, and then there’s mrs greenspan on msnbc who likes to carry water for the gopropaganda machine.

  2. Working with local OFA offices. Gathering information for “Fact Packets” for local media entities to inform them of things like : the success of the Auto Industry loan, (it was not a bailout); the successes of the Affordable Care Act; 26 (and counting) months of private sector job growth; the lies and hypocrisies of the GOP, (what happened to ‘jobs jobs jobs’ since 2010, and where are the jobs from the job creators the last 10 yrs, etc).

  3. A great question — The primary is coming up so I sent voting info to Dems in the neighborhood. I also am working on housing for Dem convention delegates. Registered one young voter this week.
    I’d like to hear more about what others are doing.

  4. It’s back to basics – walking precincts, signs, door hangers with FACTS, calm interchanges with the worried middle – face to face, door to door. If we can’t offset the Citizens United money with our money, we CAN offset it with WORK. You can’t sit this out – democracy is NOT a spectator sport!

  5. honi – Hawaiian kiss – “In ancient times Hawaiians greeted each other by touching each other at the bridge of the nose (honi) therefore “experiencing and exchanging the breath of life” – Maui angels.com

    It tickles me to see how twitterpated our POTUS and FLOTUS are with each other. Thanks for this photo.

  6. We are out every weekend registering voters making sure their registration won’t be tossed out by republicans! I try to find an issue they care about and remind them that the hour or two it takes to bite could mean big things for the next four years.

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