Obama Issues “Executive Order” No Spoilers on House of Cards


POTUS has spoken. The president’s Twitter account has playfully executive ordered that people not spoil season two of the Netflix series House of Cards.

The president’s Twitter account tweeted:


This tweet led to ever diligent and on top of it White House press asking Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz, ” Is he going to watch “House of Cards”? Schultz answered, “I heard a movement that they were trying to release it early.  Did that happen?  Is it today?  I will have to ask.”

We now know that will all the important issues going on in the country, the deputy press secretary is going to ask the President Of The United States if he will be watching House of Cards. The tweet on spoilers is one that I firmly second. If, like me, you plan on spending a good chunk of your weekend binge watching season two, the last thing you want to see is somebody posting spoilers.

The fact that a professional journalist would even ask the question speaks volumes about the state of political journalism in this country. Nobody thought to ask about the TPP trade agreement, or jobs, or the economy. Forget those important issues, the media were worried about whether people are paying their Obamacare premiums and House Of Cards.

Our nation deserves better from the media, but in the meantime, if you’ve already watched all of season two, please be kind label your comments with a spoiler alert, so that you don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

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