John Boehner Screws The Unemployed by Killing Unemployment Benefits Extension


Speaker of the House John Boehner announced today that he plans to kill the bipartisan unemployment benefits extension that the Senate has agreed to.

Boehner used a letter from the National Association of State Workforce Agencies to come out against the bill. Rep. Boehner said, “The serious problems with the Senate legislation being noted by these state directors – the state employees charged with actually implementing the Senate unemployment insurance legislation if it were to become law – are cause for serious concern.  We have always said that we’re willing to look at extending emergency unemployment benefits again, if Washington Democrats can come up with a plan that is fiscally-responsible, and gets to the root of the problem by helping to create more private-sector jobs.  There is no evidence that the bill being rammed through the Senate by Leader Reid meets that test, and according to these state directors, the bill is also simply unworkable.  Frankly, a better use of the Senate’s time would be taking up and passing the dozens of House-passed jobs bills still awaiting action.”

Boehner is using the letter as political cover. He needed a reason to once again screw over the unemployed. The concerns voiced in the letter can be addressed legislatively before the bill comes out of the Senate, but Boehner is applying the same logic that he used when he claimed that Obamacare must be killed because the website had issues.

Speaker Boehner is looking for a reason, any reason, to keep millions of people economically struggling. Republicans view throwing people off of unemployment benefits as a political winner.

They are convinced that they can escape blame for their actions. Boehner and his House Republicans are certain that America will blame President Obama. The truth is that there are enough Republicans in the House who would join with Democrats to pass the unemployment benefits extension.

Boehner had to come up with some reason to keep the bill off of the House floor. Now that he’s got it, millions of hard working Americans are going to be thrown into economic uncertainty and poverty, thanks to John Boehner.

67 Replies to “John Boehner Screws The Unemployed by Killing Unemployment Benefits Extension”

  1. This man is historically worst Speaker of House. I have said this many times before, his reputation of incompetence, ineptitude, and ignorance are spiking into new levels unseen before in any forms of America’s leadership. It’s unbelievable how far Boehner is willing to hurt millions of families just to cover his political points, making the case why he should be able to continue his job for two more years after upcoming elections. His constituents in his own district is one of top 20 for most economically inequality, yet it’s not among top 100 poorest districts in the nation. It’s because Boehner are doing them a special favors in return, keep him elected unchallenged.

  2. The GOP finds one more way to stifle economic growth. The Senate Republicans trying to appear helpful, and the House showing how much they detest the mere idea of “America”.

  3. Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to use your vote in November.. It’s the only illusion of freedom we have left!

  4. “Frankly, a better use of the Senate’s time would be taking up and passing the dozens of House-passed jobs bills still awaiting action.”

    Well, Orange Man, that would be easier to do if the House had actually passed even one jobs bill, which it has not.

    Just calling something a jobs bill, or putting the word “jobs” in a bill title does not make it a jobs bill.

  5. John Boehner is such an a-hole! He has no concept whatsoever of being unemployed, and what that means to a person in real life. I hope that one day HE is unemployed, so that I can deny HIM benefits!!

  6. I always vote, however if I didn’t…hell yes. Now let’s get out there and help those whose voting rights are being violated, so they can vote!

  7. I rarely get angry enough to use these epithets put John Boehner: EABOD & DIAF.

    You continuously have damaged the American public because you and your GOP weasels deliberately want a starved and desperate woke force so you can keep wages low and keep people enslaved at a job they hate, like pre 1917 Russia.

  8. Ohio is ranked 36th in terms of highest unemployment rate. John Boehner is obviously CONCERNED with the well being of the people, especially the people he represents. Arizona is 44th and Kentucky is 46th. So when the congress gets back from their well deserved “break” that tax payers ARE PAYING FOR, let them know how you feel about them. USE YOUR VOTE FOR THE MIDTERMS! Don’t just vote presidential elections! THE MIDETERMS ARE SO IMPORTANT! This is what happens when we forget the midterms. Republicans tap dance on the weak. They laugh. Let’s turn the joke on them!

  9. Everyone knows that the Koch brothers own the Republican Congress. They get off on the idea of creating more poor American. November is coming up people get out and vote. These freaks ran on “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, in 2010, so far they have not created one job. They fight to repeal the ACA, they fight to cut food stamps for the disabled, veterans and children. This congress has done nothing for the average American since they came into power. It’s time to vote them out!!!!

  10. Just as the Republicans own blame for shutting down the govt and for gutting programs that helped our neediest citizens they are now to blame for denying help for millions of unemployed citizens–not the president. Vote ALL BLUE in November and let these Republican scumbags know we have had enough of their bullshit.

  11. Why wait for midterm? Fire Bone Head John Boehner Now!!! C’mon People… you don’t have to wait until election time to get someone who is a traitor to The People of The United States of America fired!!!

  12. Now how’s that GOP/TP tsunami going work their Rince, I can see john bonehead is getting a jump on that idea, I’m sure people/families struggling are really in love with your drunk ass bonehead. If you get re-elected you cheated, and by the way where’s the jobs bill you’ve been threatening to produce for the last five years ?

  13. Cricket, like you I always vote. But, none of these issues really matter unless we actually exercise our right to vote.

    We all have family, relatives, and friends. Call and/or Visit them and tell them about the importance to exercise our rights to vote.

  14. I have voted Republican for 40 years. never again I will change to Democrat just because you pricks wanna see us people who have contributed to unemployment all of our lives and now when we need it you won’t give it to us and you are committing suicide not only to yourself but I’m desperate people. You dirty rotten pricks wanna play politics while people are out bunch of pricks in that house should be ashamed of yourself.I bet if someone voted to take your life time retirement salary of 200,000 a year you would be screaming from the rooftops. At all we’re looking for is a few hundred dollars a week after putting a lifetime of money into it and you wanna play politics fuck you

  15. This idiot cannot even fathom the thought that there are families out there who needs these benefits it sickening. He wants to know how to pay for it. How about cutting the salaries of these part timing S.O.Bs
    Lets take away their free lunches and flights free and free this and that. Oh you can bet I will vote! That article took my blood pressure to new highs.

  16. This man is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Funny how power, money, & status takes away some people’s sense of humanity…their compassion, sympathy, & empathy for others (if they ever even had any) goes right out the window. If his life someday ever takes him to a desperate place that he is currently forcing people into, may his anguish remind him of this time…when he could have made a different choice that would have helped others. These politicians are voted into office as representatives of the people of this nation, once in, they become self-serving & downright malicious, heartless, & evil. John Boehner is fittingly the leader of these motherf*ckers.

    I feel for my fellow Americans…whose light & quality of life are dimmed by economic hardships, exacerbated unnecessarily by these political criminals.

  17. Boehner and his weasels answer to Koch, their Masters. As long as these people keep getting voted into office, we will keep circling the drain. They have no reason to answer to “the people;” their gravy is made from Koch..we are just collateral damage.


    Call Boehner’s office without delay!

    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-6205




    Contact his office without delay and tell him to move this legislation immediately.

    People need to quit voting for Republicans. Many of them are heartless and cause issue for very simple programs like long-term unemployment during times of crises.

    But the trillions spent on wars which really never solved anything got them high fiving and thinking they are benefiting America. Some Republicans are twisted human beings and I think they should be removed from Congress and not allowed to campaign for 2 elections. What Republicans are doing sets out country back and it needs to stop. The Republican will be a thing of the past as the newer generations become more caring, thoughtful and empathetic.

    Call Boehner’s office without delay!

    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-6205

    Good luck everyone

  20. Boehnor did the right thing. Jobs are going unfilled due to a lack of skills and work ethics. I have seen too many lazy CALIFORNIANS refuse FREE Workforce Services. Time people get serious and take teh low paying jobs. Two if neeeded, i’ve done it. So can they

  21. Well Mr. Workforce services I guess your expert assessment just reinforced the need to raise the minimum wage then. Alot of us have worked 2 or more jobs to survive. It greats a great personal toll on families. Another thing you fail to realize is that unemployment is not a handout. When you are working you pay in to that fund. Its called unemployment insurance. Insurance being the operative word. Perhaps you should pursue another occupation as it is quite apparent you are bias toward the people you were hired to serve.

  22. David.
    You must really, really hate your job.
    I’m wondering how many needy workers you’ve turned off with your piss poor attitude. Perhaps, instead of disparaging those in need, you might seek to create an atmosphere of positive reinforcement. It’s hard enough to lose a job only to face someone, like you, who looks on them with disdain.
    I suggest you change your own attitude before you denigrate someone else for theirs.
    Just a thought.

  23. Pat,
    It’s gratifying to see that you have finally realized after 40 years, that you have been voting against your own best interests by voting for Republicans. They haven’t really changed much in 40 years, but I’m glad you finally saw the light, and will now vote for Democrats who will represent what’s important to you. Tell your Republican friends to stop spitting into the wind, and wise up and vote for the Democrats.

  24. This move by Boehner has, and is, his trump card to ensure the Keystone XL Pipeline is approved. If you’d like the backstory to this economic chip Boehner is playing, please visit Wikipedia. The players in this game are big-time Oil Barons whose 15% initial investment in the Keystone XL Pipeline will have political, economic and social impact, even if the Republicans lose midterm Congressional seats and the 2016 Presidential Elections. Boehner’s reference to creating jobs is code for the Keystone XL approval — that, by the way, is estimated by the US State Department of creating approximately 2,500 permanent jobs — hardly impacting national unemployment figures. In essence, the collateral damage is the 2+ million, and growing, unemployed, their families and community businesses. The NASWA report, cites its own inefficiencies, but also recommends extending what is in place with minor adjustments needed to service the unemployed — that is what Boehner should be addressing.

  25. That is exactly what the rich want! work for us for $8 $9 an hour so they get richer and live a long great life,as we struggle and die early,at the end social security will not be a problem funding!They mean to kill us before we can collect a dime.

  26. If I can no longer feed and house my family,,because of this heartless MOTHER F=cker..I’m going to lose my mind,,Not that this is going to make a difference. But I put my life on the line for this Mother f=cker,And he decides to turn his back on so many veterans including myself and our families.22years same job get laid off can’t find work that pays enough to support my family,,Applied for well over 300 jobs.4 interviews no call backs..they tell me I made to much on previous job,They say I will leave as soon as i get a better paying job,,NO SHIT.Now back to that heartless M-F,He better not ever ever call a veteran his hero,,You don’t treat your hero’s like he treats our vets…I better stop now,,before I have a stroke..

  27. You self tanning lotion loser. Your arrogance and ill will toward the middle and lower class of America is appalling. My state of Rhode Island has a 9.2% unemployment rate. I was laid off in Massachusetts in late August 2013. I can verify my job searches with complete documentation; dates, places, with whom I spoke or interviewed with. Don ‘t you dare tell me I’m lazy and there is an abundance of job opportunities out there. Got a call about a lower paying job opportunity in Boston and they want to interview next week. Hope I have enough gas to get there. I’m 34 years old and already had to cash out w penalty my 401k. Termination notice slated for go off 3/25/2014. Won’t have rent for mo. of April and cell phone will be off by then too. You make me sick Mr Boehner. Thank God I do not have children. I hope someone punches you right in your drunken orange face. People are sleeping in the woods and bridges over here already because of your selfishness.

  28. We the people of the U.S.A. need to throw a pool-party and actually invite all of these GOP antichrist following, evil, bought and paid for puppets of the elite 1% in our govt. offices today and then escort and lower them into a very large, empty, swimming pool. We the people (citizens and residents) could then just stand or sit around the pool and at will proceed taking our time to teach them a lesson. Because we would be in a perfect position to tinkle (TRICKLE) down on them for a change. We might piss them off enough to make some of them actually want to quit their jobs in our Govt.. In my opinion.

  29. calling Boehner, will that really help?.. I think its a waste of time. he just heartless. just look at him. he is the devil himself. just down and dirty EVIL!!!

  30. It`s TIME to call, write, email. Contact your

    STATES HOUSE REPUBLICAN about the extension! This

    must get to the floor to vote on!! Rep Boehner

    must hear from his republicans Contact your STATES

    REP. NOW!!!

  31. Boehner, I seriously hope you lose your job this November. Even if all that means is that you are no longer House speaker (which I assure you, you will go down as the worst one in US History).

    At this point, it’s clear to me that you have no backbone to stand up against the Tea party crazies in your caucus and do what is best for the country. Therefore, you need to be pushed aside.

    As for the rest of you, this is why voting matters! We can’t be asleep at the wheel in 2014!

  32. Boner is a delusional ignorant useless coward and a drunk. They are living a distorted world they have created. Once again they are in for some major loss’s,and to ignorant to know it.

  33. Speaker Boehner for what ever reason will show how out of touch he is with his job. One would think that a man with his position would come up with his own reason not to bring a bill to the floor. To me it shows just how dumb a.k.a. strong connotations of stupidity and low intelligence the Speaker is.

    Sign the the 10 Senators who are holding this up.

    And why is this so costly and expensive? When you apply for college through Fafsa..they integrate your IRS records directly through their system.

    Why cant this be implemented for this emergency situation caused by the senate and easily remedied by the Feds…feed the data back to the states via a code, it takes 48 hours.

  35. Sadly the crazy Reich Wingers will come out in force to make sure that this agenda of abject insanity will continue as will the blame placed be placed on the jobless and Democrats who fight for them.

  36. So Let Me get this Straight ………You are bashing the GOP for not Extending Unemployment Benefits…But the The POTUS and his Administration get a Pass for Not Growing the Economy so there are jobs out there for the Unemployed ……….Give a Man a pay check he eats for a Month, Employ a man and he Eats for a Lifetime

  37. LOL, your kidding right? 41 months straight of positive job growth with a gop house that fights him every step of the way? A stock market thats at record levels?

    Move along Mr Murdoch

  38. I wish these boneheads would realize that their continued screwing of the poor and unemployed will cause someone to wise up that assassinate them. Because I know that people are getting fed up with this BS.

  39. I was a Republican. The last Democrat I ever voted for was Walter Mondale. I have been unemployed for 7 months. As a result of Republican insensitivity which I never believed until now, I will never vote a Republican in any office again. Hopefully, the stress that I face being 51 and unemployed and turning to state assistance doesn’t kill me. I hope God sends you to Hell, Boehner!

  40. The look on Boenher’s face says it all, he does not care about the 2 million people that are losing their homes, cars, and food to eat. I would not be surprised if someone tries to assassinate him for being the prick he is. If he wants to find the money to fund Unemployment then he should start with the foreign aid that the U.S. sends out…More than enough money there to help this country and its people.

  41. John Boehner wake up and see how many people are going to suffer because of you. Oh wait thats right you dont care!!!!

  42. Unemployment insurance should be extended because there are no jobs!! That is why I am running against Boehner in the primary, I have a real jobs plan. I propose that federal contracts should be awarded to American firms only. I also believe that we should impose financial disincentives on firms that outsource American jobs overseas. #CronyCapitalism #AmericaFirst #Jobs #AshworthForCongress

  43. Let me just say this….Mr.BONNER, oops I meant Boehner,YOU ARE FOOLING NO ONE BUT YOURSELF! It is insulting to the American people that you honestly believe that we would actually buy any BS excuse you may give for denying the nearly 3 million American people UC funds WE ALL DESPRITELY NEED TO SURVIVE! NO, we WILL NOT blame OBAMA for this. YOU and the politicians using this as a game to obtain leverage for YOU EGO’S at the expense of all us who are suffering are to blame! WE ELECTED ALL OF YOU TO FIGHT FOR US! YOU SIR ARE A DISGRACE! MAY GOD JUDGE YOU AND PUNISH YOU ALL FOR YOUR SIN!

    • Call Speaker John Boehner at 202-225-0600 (I’ve sent several, and usually get “mailbox is full”…but keep trying. They listen to VM’s, record them in summary for the Speaker every few days so it will open up – DON’T give up!), email Speaker Boehner at
    and write The Honorable John Boehner Office of the Speaker United States Senate H-232 The Capitol Washington, DC 20515
    • Also, sign the bill support petition

    WE HAVE 2-3 DAYS AT M…

  45. So with just a tiny hair of logic: From all these months of job growth means there are plenty of jobs out there for people. Then why do they need unemployment and why are there fewer people in the workforce than any time in recent history? No wonder democrats only talk to democrats. Only Democrats can speak or understand Jibberish.

  46. I would explain to you but being a con you don’t see facts only the failed trickle down bullshit as gospel. You are stuck on stupid

  47. Recently a company laid off 1,200 employees, then the company stock rallied 7 points on the stock market. See the economy is picking up.

  48. Nice try, but the market is also based far more on profits. Its always been a fact that some stocks get rewarded for laying off people.

    The economy is picking up, just becuase you choose to ignore job growth isnt our problem

  49. The republican party hates you and hates your way of life. They want you to die and they will help you die sooner by cutting benefits. The republicans want to replace Obama care with the republican faith based health care. Pray that you do not get sick, because if you get then you will die.

  50. When I apply and interview for jobs I am told that I can not be hired because I am over qualified. What job skill training will make me not over qualified?

  51. Why not start by throwing the money lenders out of the temple of our society. Pass Senate bill 1282 the “21st century Glass-Steagall Act”, and House Resolution 129 the Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2013″. This will separate legitimate commercial banking from speculative financial banking. Differential interest rates to borrow money can be established-3% for constructive economic activity and 22% for speculative investments. Then prosecute the wall street criminals. A tax incentive should be given for creating jobs for American citizens, and a tax penalty for outsourcing jobs. A tax or fee can be levied on wall street trading activity. Federal letters of credit can be used to finance infrastructure projects. We can change the national transportation infrastructure to a system 300 mile per hour silent pollution free magnetic rail like Germany, France, and China. This will open new areas to development, facilitate a more logical land use, and population distribution.

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