Republicans Wrong Again: Sanctions Force Putin To Call Obama and Propose Settlement


After seeing Obama’s sanctions take a bite out of the Russian economy, Putin blinked and called the president today with a settlement proposal to end the crisis in Ukraine.

According to a readout of the call provided by the White House:

President Putin called President Obama today to discuss the U.S. proposal for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, which Secretary Kerry had again presented to Foreign Minister Lavrov at the meeting at the Hague earlier this week, and which we developed following U.S. consultations with our Ukrainian and European partners. President Obama suggested that Russia put a concrete response in writing and the presidents agreed that Kerry and Lavrov would meet to discuss next steps.

President Obama noted that the Ukrainian government continues to take a restrained and de-escalatory approach to the crisis and is moving ahead with constitutional reform and democratic elections, and urged Russia to support this process and avoid further provocations, including the buildup of forces on its border with Ukraine.

President Obama underscored to President Putin that the United States continues to support a diplomatic path in close consultation with the Government of Ukraine and in support of the Ukrainian people with the aim of de-escalation of the crisis. President Obama made clear that this remains possible only if Russia pulls back its troops and does not take any steps to further violate Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. President Obama reiterated that the United States has strongly opposed the actions that Russia has already taken to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Bloomberg reported that the sanctions are pushing Russia’s economy towards a recession and that current sanctions will already hurt Russia’s economic growth for two quarters. Experts also suggest that the energy sector of the Russian economy could take a big hit if the sanctions are expanded.

All of the Republicans who suggested that sanctions have been a pointless failure are wrong. The sanctions are doing what they are supposed to do. Putin is coming to the table, and he suggesting that he is ready to solve this crisis diplomatically.

President Obama hasn’t needed troops or to threaten militarily. His administration has clearly targeted Putin and the oligarchs that control the Russian economy. Republicans have been like fanboys with their praise of Putin’s strength, but it turns out their new hero has been being brought to his knees by the intelligent and determined foreign policy of Barack Obama.


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  1. The Republicans are WRONG about something? What’s new about that? LMAO They’re wrong about EVERYTHING!

  2. Reading the Moscow times this morning even the opinion writers who usually tow the party line were speaking out against Putie. They were saying how he would fail and how he has made them look like fools and that the economy was going in the tank. Probably be the last time they write anything.
    Think I am going to start call the Obama the fox. He has certainly out maneuvered his opponents. Hope this gets done before November so the rupugnants can eat a big ol’ dish of crow.

  3. If Pukin pulls his troops out of Crimea the R’s will say to our prez,” what took you so long?”

  4. I would bet the repukes are burning up the phone lines between each other trying to figure how to spin that to their favor. Watch next they will accuse him of using voodoo or witchcraft to run the presidency. I can hear Cruz on Hannity now saying, “we want to launch an investigation into the presidents possible use of voodoo…”.

  5. It’d be amazing if he could force Putin to abolish that hideous anti-gay law over there as part of all this, too.

  6. All of those GOP who have war boners that won’t go down. Sorry to disappoint you. Russia doesn’t have the ability to take over all the former Bloc now. After Yeltsin handed the keys to the treasury to his crooked crony friends, they moved the money off shore and Russia has never gotten over the devastation of the collapse. They are a shadow of that they once were.

    Also, the pro Russian Crimea is NOT the same as Hitler’s take over of Poland.

    Those who don’t know their history are condemned to be stupid.

  7. Never doubt the prowess and intelligence of our POTUS! He hasn’t taken us into any new wars and I am so grateful for that. Whatever a person feels about our President, on a personal/political level, it can’t be denied that he loves and cares about our country and the people.

  8. Republicans are the party of no
    Obama is the President of no
    No war with Syria
    No War with Iran
    No War with Libya
    No War with Russia

    Republican’s nos are obstructive
    Obama’s nos are brilliant foreign policy

  9. So very glad Obama is our President. I think he will go down as one of the best Presidents this country has had.

  10. I intensely dislike being the fly in the ointment here, but let us not forget how Adolph Schicklegruber played British prime minister Neville Chamberlain like a fish for a period of time before the Anschluss and then the invasion of Poland. I give our President and his advisors credit for being intelligent enough to consider Putin’s sincerity, but let’s see how this plays out in the immediate future before slapping each other on the back and declaring victory,hmmm?

  11. Tell us GOP, what would have bush jr and darth vader done with putin? YES! of course! started a war with Russia for more american soldiers and another huge payday for your military contractor buds. Folks I’m NOT joking! your average republican is PISSED OFF we’re not in another war!! republicans are going the way of neanderthal man! Too STUPID to change and not intelligent enough to know why!

  12. Traditional war is the way of the past. Republicans should invest their money in something besides a war machine.

  13. How is a one man circus-clown act like Putin able to gain control and hold so much power in a country the size of Russia (even “if” the whole country is corrupt)? There are a lot of very smart honest people and a lot of very smart corrupt people over there to choose from. In my opinion. Why did they pick him?

  14. “Also, the pro Russian Crimea is NOT the same as Hitler’s take over of Poland.”

    True, that was by direct military assault – but it is somewhat reminiscent of Hitler’s annexation of the Saarland (by plebiscite, similar to the recent Crimean vote) in 1935, and the reoccupation of the demilitarized Rhineland in 1936.
    Russia today may be but a shadow of what the USSR once was, but she still has fangs. I think the President is channeling Teddy Roosevelt, “speak softly but carry a big stick”.
    I applaud him for avoiding ignorant and gratuitous violence, whenever possible, but occasionally, regrettably, the stick is necessary. He is not loathe to use the military, as we saw with Libya, but he is wise enough to listen to the advise of his Joint Chiefs, and to use just the amount of violence needed to get the job done without the long-term entanglements garnered by his predecessor. And, the European nations have a bigger stake in this than we do.

  15. the neocons and chicken hawks must be going crazy. no war?????you mean i can’t make millions while men and women are dieing something is wrong i want bush back

  16. Wile E Coyote reminds of the GOP, and President Obama is Roadrunner! Everytime Wile tries to squash Roadrunner..he outsmarts them!…That’s our President..I am so proud of our POTUS.

  17. Ring, ring ring.
    PBO: Hello
    Putie: Is this President Obama?
    PBO: Yes, who’s this?
    Putie: This is Putietang,
    PBO: What can I do for you?
    Putie: I’m sorry.
    PBO: Sorry son of a…..
    Putie: What?
    PBO: Never mind I was talking to myself, what can I do for you?
    Putie: My banks are closing, my stock market is falling, my ruble is tanking, Mastercard and Visa won’t call me back, and nobody likes me.
    PBO: Sucks to be you don’t it?
    Putie: Can we talk about this?
    PBO: I’ll see what I can do.
    Putie: Please!
    PBO: Alright I will help you get out of this mess, just one thing.
    Putie: What?
    PBO: No more of those shirtless pictures. It’s just not you.
    Putie: OK, tell Michelle I said……………….Click.

    That’s how I envision that call.

  18. Seriously Politicus?? You think those pitiful little halfassed “sanctions”(which were against the Oligarchs NOT Russia) scared Putin??? LOL if Obama had put 50,000 troops on the border against Putin’s 50,000, he might be a little hesitant.

    No what Putin is saying is “let’s negotiate eastern Ukraine now that I’ve got 50,000 troops ready to invade. And oh by the way, Crimea is off the table. That’s MINE now”.

    Now let’s see if Obama reads the situation correctly.

  19. Before we write in that Obama is the best president ever, we need to win the 2014 midterms and get a congress and senate that will work with him! We need to overturn some of these idiotic laws like Citizens United also, which would take a change in the balance of the SCOTUS…Never relax with these jokers on the right. We need to make sure everyone gets to the polls in 2014 and make sure a democrat wins in 2016 as well, regardless of who it is. We are doomed if we get any more justices on the right.

  20. I see a bunch of people on this page, thinking its about party politics… LOL divide and conquer.

    I am probably wasting my time here, but you all should look at the Libertarian platform. The best of both parties without all the Constitutional infringement and gun control. Without all the wars and corporate welfare.

    Come on, tell me Im wrong, so I can shake my head and say “Told you so” when the time comes…

  21. Weve seen it. You go ahead. If you support corporations over people then thats fine. Thats your right

    No gun control? LOL

  22. I wholeheartedly agree. Imagine what he could have accomplished if he didn’t have those Koch addicted sociopaths trying to thwart him at every turn.

  23. Believe I *did* say WITHOUT corporate welfare, also known as bank and corporate bailouts. You are thinking about those damn Republicans again. I see, you are so stuck on your “party war” that you are blind to the facts. And gun control? LOL. Come and take my freedom if you want it. Come on, take it.

  24. No, I am not thinking republican. And I never said take anyones penis extenders away either. But I dont want people like you who are obviously obsessed with the extender owning weapons that their kids can use to shoot their mothers.

    Libertarian is pure corporatism. Its every man for himself and screw everyone else. And its worthless in society. Sorry, that wont fly in this country

    “LOL” you got your little penis extender cliche in, anything else?Like dont take my marbles?

  25. I see that you, like myself, read foreign newspapers! It’s amazing how one can get a totally different perspective on American and world events by reading foreign newspapers. I’m glad to discover that I’m not the only American who reads the “Moscow Times!” I also read Haazareth, Die Spiegel, The Jewish Daily Forward, The South China Morning Post, and other foreign publications.

  26. Oh yes I read newspapers from around the country and the world. Moscow Times and St. Petersburg Times are two russian papers I read. Their two perspectives can be totally different. Sometimes it helps in that we are fed news from our perspective which isn’t always right.

  27. Phil:

    The Moscow Times is not a Russian Government-owned newspaper. It is owned by Independent Media, with is part of a larger Finnish conglomerate. They have been publishing opinions on both side of the fence for months now.

  28. The haters and blood thirsty neocons cannot stand that Obama will not give them more blood and death. So much for being pro-life.

  29. I agree that it’s important to get the perspective of the media from other countries. However, the Jewish Daily Forward is published in New York City.

  30. Obama the fox I like It. The GOP hatred for our president sure brought out the true colors of the republican party (a big yellow streak down their collective back)

  31. Seriously. Sanctions worked. They are too late. Putin got what he wanted. He wanted Sevastopol! that was it, nothing more, and he got it. After he gets it, we do nothing, Putin says ill take more, then we put economic sanctions, the threat of military at this time is pointless, another week goes by and we put some more sanctions, then putin says ok, ill stop…you want a win, have him give back what he took, that is not going to happen because our wonderful President already let him take, have false elections, and rule over the area. Putin will back off and laugh his way all the way to the Atlantic.

  32. I find it hysterically ironic that this dictator whom Republicans have been praising over President Obama is now being forced by economic sanctions to request a settlement proposal of the very president they have refused to support. They have been so consistently and so stubbornly on the wrong side of issues that they would be doing some serious soul-searching if they had any capacity for introspection. They are incapable of absorbing the lesson that a nation doesn’t have to resort to wars in order to accomplish certain goals. I love the way that our president doesn’t lose his cool while he quietly goes about maneuvering his enemies here and abroad into outsmarting themselves. He ends up smelling like a rose while the stench of defeat from foolishness clings to them like stink to a skunk.

  33. Nice try. As far as keeping your plan, its your insurance company not ACA.

    And again, Would you prefer Romney or McCain who would have your(or other peoples kids) kids over there fighting?

    You seem to criticize but have nothing to support of your own. Besides, this may have been the only thing Palin ever got right in her life

  34. EXACTLY…the THREAT of military action…you need to let the other countries believe that you will use force, without that, you get what Putin did, take over another countries assets…economic sanctions after the fact cannot stop what has already happened…now, if Obama implemented economic sanctions the first day Putin invaded, then maybe you stop him, but now, Putin is only appeasing the President, Obama lost, Putin won…whos next?

  35. I got a feeling, that some of those Russian gazillionaires, had a private conversation with ole Vlad. In days of old, he would have had them murdered, but since they made Putin rich beyond his wildest dreams, he realized, that they could make him UN-wealthy and disappear at the same time. lol

  36. One of the things that the GOP seems to be unmindful of is that Russia today is a mere shadow of its former self as the largest of the Soviet Union. Its population is decreasing, its economy consists basically only of natural resources sold to Europe, its wealthiest citizens keep their money overseas because they have no faith that it’s safe in Russian banks. Add to that Putin’s delusions of grandeur (witness the overly extravagant Olympics and the $50 BILLION bill for them in order to impress the rest of the world).

    If Russia loses its best customer, the EU, then it sinks into second- or even third-world status. President Obama and his advisors know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it right.

  37. Nobody wants war, I certainly don’t want my kids fighting in a war, but, if we sit back and let other countries develop the capabilities to us harm, how do we stop it? Just use economic sanctions? that will only work so much, and then what about the threats that come from terrorists that don’t have countries? You cant use economics against them. You MUST have the ability to defend yourself. We have been lucky and good since 9/11. Many threats have been thwarted, some have succeeded. Hey, people around the world don’t like us for whatever reason, we have to protect ourselves.

  38. Let Russia develop capabilities to do us harm? Oh Vey. Just stop it. And BTW how is Russia going into the Crimean peninsula going to us harm?

  39. hmmm…not getting through….no, I do not advocate war, I think I made that clear…but….you MUST have other countries believing that you have the power to enforce what you say, if you don’t, other countries WILL take advantage of you, just like Putin did, until you take away his money, then he stops, but the damage is done. If, for instance (lets go back), Putin assemblies his troops at the border of Ukraine, Obama calls Putin and says stand down, Putin says no, Obama tells the 7th fleet to start moving towards the black sea, Putin calls and says what are you doing, Obama says do not go in or else, Putin says your crazy, Obama brings in F14’s to the Ukraine, Putin now has to decide is war worth it. Putin will stand down, he has no choice. Not a shot fired, but the desired effect accomplished.

  40. Is there anyone who doubts the strength of the US military? Obama has used it when he had to but very much prefers not to. Putin did not take advantage of us. He would have done what he did in any case excepting we went to war with him. What we did was proper. Lets remember Putin did what he did very quickly, there was no chance to take his money away prior to his taking that action.

    Its funny what hindsite and making up scenarios can do when you need some propaganda

  41. Its all geography and money…Putin needs access to the Atlantic, Sevastopol give him that access, as well as a military port and a huge economic port…that’s all he wanted, think he wanted to take over Ukraine because it was fun? Why do you think he stopped so abruptly? Why didn’t he go after Kiev? he doesn’t need that, he needs the port…now his oil tankers can get to Greece, Italy, Spain, France and all of Africa. Its all money. Why do you think he forced that vote so quickly, within a week they voted. 6 months ago, Ukraine people wanted no part of Russia, Putin moves in, has a vote, and boom, 97% of the people want Russia…come on, even someone like you knows there is something really wrong…If Obama wants to win this, get Putin out of the Ukraine, but that is all but impossible now…..

  42. Its geography. Russia already has access to the Atlantic with their northern ports. You say put planes in the Ukraine and you mean the 6th fleet since the 7th is based in Japan. Sheesh if you going to talk nonsense at least get it right. Now you do that then what? I suggest before you post anything else read the GUNS OF august t find out when idiots are in charge what could and will happen. BTW the US no longer fly’s F-14 Get up to speed Richard Pearle

  43. You also ignore the fact that Crimea is mostly Russian speaking people who supported Russia to start with. Nice try.

  44. Well, to answer your question, Yes. The entire world doubts our strength. The President has made no bones about it, he is cutting the military. Putin did take liberties with another country, and everyone sat idly by, so he did take advantage. What we did was proper after the fact. and as to your comment about taking away his money, that’s the whole freakin point. He has to believe that we would stop him with force, or there is no threat. You think he cared about money when he went in? Even if we used sanctions the next day, it wouldn’t have stopped him. He knows the PORT is worth trillions over the next decades. You think a few hundred million means anything? Of course now, we invoke sanctions and he caves, but he already got what he wanted. And as for hindsight, as soon as he started massing troops, I wondered why and saw the port…..I knew it from the beginning, but now one station has reported that….

  45. LOL, Yes, he is cutting the military but not our ability to respond. And no, the world does not doubt our abilities. Fox news?

    As I noted previous, Putin doesnt need Sevastopol. He has exposure right where the Crimea meets Russia

  46. Cremia became part of Ukraine in 91..there is no port like Sevastopol, Russia does not have that presence on the Black Sea, and why send tanker ships over the top when you can get there from the Black Sea, and excuse me for the typo, 6th instead of 7th, and as for F-14’s, yea, the war monger that I am, should have said Hornets instead…so if im wrong, then why did Putin move into Crimea? You guys seem to have all the answers…

  47. Russia has at least 3 cities where the Crimea meets Russia. Putin moved into Crimea to flex what he thought were muscles. Now he is finding out it wasnt worth it

  48. In May 1997, Russia and Ukraine signed the Peace and Friendship Treaty, ruling out Moscow’s territorial claims to Ukraine. A separate agreement established the terms of a long-term lease of land, facilities, and resources in Sevastopol and the Crimea by Russia. So Russia already had the port. For the reasons why Putin made his move ,well it might have something to do with the overthrow of the pro Russian government in Kiev. This had nothing to due to your silly notion of a weak US.

  49. Well, now seriously, you think Putin did what he did because he wanted to flex muscles. All of you are way smarter than that. He did not have the access and control of the port that he wanted. Hey, you want to think that he just did it because he works out, that is fine, but no one spends the time, energy, manpower, military to do what he did to flex his muscles. For every action, there is a reaction. Action – move in, reaction, control. You think this is the end? Wait until Iran gets their nuclear capabilities…they are watching very carefully to see how this turns out…it is a scary world, and our administration sits idly by.

  50. You are stuck on stupid. Google the friendship treaty between Russia and the Ukraine of 1997. Iran has already suspended their program and even if they get bomb so what? What your dumbass should be worried about is the 100 or so bombs Pakistan has seeing how unstable that region is. You need to turn off fox if you want to talk geo political issues

  51. As noted, he did have access to the port and the at least 3 cities of his own in the Black Sea

    “our administration sits idly by.”

    Again you advocate war.

    Iran is not getting nuclear capabilities. I want to ask where you get your conspiracy from, but I dont want to know. Its obvious you have no clue what is happening in the world other then what someone tells you

  52. Typical liberals..when pressed you resort to name calling…you think everything is ok in the world, Russia can take what it wants, Iran has no nuclear interests…stuck on stupid, that’s the best you can do, and iran is not getting nuclear capabilities, you guys need to crawl out from under the rock your hiding…when are you going to understand, there are people in this world that HATE us, they want us dead, they will stop at nothing…and you think all is good because are president pulled a couple of dollars away from PUTIN…come on, whether I listen to Fox or you listen to maddow, whats the difference…we all get our info from somewhere, you just want to believe all is well in our world…Spolier Alert, its not!

  53. I don’t listen to Maddow I do something you failed to-do which is read.Russia already had the bases did you goggle that? People in the world hate us? Well I guess you have a point because I hate stupid ass people to. Iran do have nuclear interest and it started with us helping them obtain the technology in the 70’s but as of right now they have suspended enrichment. Now things may change but if we continue with talks they will find a better way to protect their interest and even if they don’t they will still not be threat to us and its in every nations interest to protect themselves just ask Israel.

  54. Never said Iran has no nuclear interests. Never said Russia can take what it wants.

    And your conspiracys are great to watch but dont bear out. Obama has the civilized world on his side and all you want is war.

    Bugger off

  55. I’m lost because I give you facts? You have truly jumped the shark now your mommy have your lunch ready. Take a break and go eat

  56. really? Facts? Obviously this conversation is way over your 12 year old head…you have contributed nothing to this conversation except for insults…so now go collect your unemployment, go get your food stamps, go use your free Obama phone, go get your free health care and have a great day…I have to get back to work so that I can pay for your free stuff…im out

  57. Baciball, Russia already KNOWS about America’s military and its capabilities. It’s not a secret.
    You will never again see unilateral actions OR ‘traditional’ war, the real power is MONEY.

  58. While I’d be over joyed to See the Idiots in the GOP proven wrong once again. I’m not quite ready to start celebrating and proclaim that we’ve brought Putin to his knees yet. And I don’t think that anyone in the Obama administration is ready to do that either. He’s still got at least 50,000 troops sitting on the Ukrainian border, One of the things that this crisis has shown the world is that you can’t take Putin at his word for anything, ever since this thing has started he’s routinely said one thing and done another. We’ll just have to wait and see how this whole mess unfolds.

  59. Typical Conservative… whinge and wail about stuff that MIGHT happen while ignoring reality.

    Obama pushed Iran into agreeing to a Nuclear Treaty. No more enrichment, no chance at building a bomb.

    Obama pushed Syria into giving up their Chemical Weapons to Russia; Russia handed them over to us, and we’re destroying them.

    They had enough Nerve Gas to wipe out a major city. And the stuff is less risky to mess with than Nuclear material; once the wind blows it away the attacking force is perfectly safe.

    What War Hawks don’t realize is there’s no surviving a war with Russia. So don’t whinge that Obama showed weakness by not invading the Ukraine; he showed intelligence, something Conservatives aren’t familiar with.

    When Putin invaded Georgia, G.W. Bush went fishing. Were you whinging about showing weakness then?

    Nothing will hurt Putin more than losing money; Russia is getting by on sales of oil and Natural Gas. Put a crimp in that, and he’s in trouble…

  60. Yep…. BUT it really was all so simple.
    ‘Why Russia No Longer Fears the West’ Ben Judah Politicao

    ‘We are not talking big money. But very big money. None other than Putin’s Central Bank has estimated that two thirds of the $56 billion exiting Russia in 2012 might be traceable to illegal activities. Crimes like kickbacks, drug money or tax fraud. This is the money that posh English bankers are rolling out the red carpet for in London.’

    ‘All this has made Putin confident, very confident – confident that European elites are more concerned about making money than standing up to him. The evidence is there. After Russia’s strike force reached the outskirts of Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, in 2008, there were statements and bluster, but not a squeak about Russia’s billions. After Russia’s opposition were thrown into show trials, there were concerned letters from the European Union, but again silence about Russia’s billions….

  61. Do you mean the free Reagan phone? Did you also mean the healthcare you are required to pay for yourself? Did you also mean the unemployment benefits that a person pays into themselves? Did you mean the food stamps that a persons taxes pay for? Did you mean that you need to get back to your shi**y minimum wage job in your right to work state that keeps you in poverty? How about you quiet down now and learn facts not regurgitated talking points fed to you like a momma bird feeds her chicks, from your corporate masters. Ignorant little man, SMFH!

  62. HAHAHA another scared little unit White man with a bunker full of guns! What was meant by favoring corporations has to do with the Libertarian stance of little to no regulations. Letting corporations have free reign and trash our communities, our resources and our nation, all in the name of profit. Have at it dude. There will never be a Libertarian in the White House.

  63. I’ll be the first one to do it. Seeing as how no one here has resorted to name calling, (referring to you as being stuck on stupid is NOT name calling), I will go ahead and do that so you can feed your victim mentality and martyr complex. You’re a F**KINg dumb S**T. You rail and rail but refuse to read and digest things that are shown to you. I, unlike the others here debating with you, am just a knucklehead that likes to get down and roll around in the mud. A “union thug” if you will. Stop with your poor persecuted victim bulls**t and have an actual debate doucheboy.

  64. The past few weeks of this Russian power grab have proven something I have long suspected of conservatives “true” view on all things Russia. From a economic perspective the Russian economy is a conservatives dream (a classic supply side trickle down economy)where a few billionaire power wolves own pretty much all the economy. Russia portrays an unfriendly environment toward homosexual citizens(conservatives would approve such a society). Insufficient social safety net in contrast to the vast wealth concentrated at the top(a conservative wet dream). Putin came to power long after Ronald Reagen single handedly won the cold war so conservatives can keep their man crush on him without pissing on their lord and savior St. Reagen the great. As for all the atheist in Russia(can you say gerrymandering).

  65. I would not be so eager to run an article like this.
    Putin, on the phone in the middle of expanding troops on the border makes no sense , but perhaps he is just trying to keep people from defecting and gearing up for an all out war.
    who cares who knows, we will have to deal with it one step at a time, and then have a full out back up plan for each case scenario.
    as for the gop pussies who are so called patriots, they just talk . yap yap yap

  66. If there was a republican sitting in the White House (doesn’t matter which one)
    we would already be in an all out war with Russia.

  67. The anti-gay thing doesn’t start from the top and work downward in the form of those draconian laws.The oppressive power has done a 180 since Cold War Times where it is the right wing religious zealots Putin has hitched his wagon to. See the HBO documentary on Pussy Riot. Point ti just that the better target of change in the culture instead of just the law. Right no gays get set up for an ass-kicking by some ploy, show up for their rendezvous, get the cap knocked out other them and then when the cops come they kick their asses again and shove them into a cage with gay haters. Russia is so backward because of poverty,repression and corruptions that it’s really the culture which a complete overall. Fraternally.

  68. Don’t you remember when Russia got into it with Georgia in 2008 Bush sent in all those troops? No? Me neither. Please note: In all the spin about a “diplomatic solution” the matter of the take-over of the Crimea is totally absent. Putin has what he wants and the POTUS is trying to save face. Based on many of the previous comments, he has lots of help.

  69. What kind of nonsense is this? What, blame the Republicans? Clearly a feeble attempt at manufacturing after-the-fact lemonade from the sour fruits of our Clinton / Kerry and Obama foreign policy disasters. Stack it up in the dustbin of failures: Libya, Syria, Iran, Israel, Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood… etc. etc.

    The hard-to-accept truth is that while we screwed around for 4 years with a feeble attempt to launch a health care site all the while Putin planned for and: held a successful Olympics, won more medals than we did and carried out a brilliant yet bloodless annexation of an important portion of an ally’s nation giving him a warm water port. Hello my Democratic friends… PUTIN WON. It’s checkmate and there’s no turning back and what – after a few weeks we’ve taken “a bite” out of their natural energy economy where they continue to supply our NATO allies with oil and natural gas? How much of that supply has been curtailed based on Obama’s sanctions? I’ll give you a hin…

  70. LOL!
    So, you have finally learned the Russian pledge of allegiance? Great!

    Thanks for the great chuckle

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