Joe Scarborough Defends Louie Gohmert And Tells Eric Holder To Stop Playing Race Card

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During Thursday’s episode of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough decided to chime in on the recent verbal altercation between Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Attorney General Eric Holder. After the tense exchange between Gohmert and Holder on Tuesday, Holder spoke at an event held by the National Action Network on Wednesday. Holder went off-script from his prepared remarks at the event and spoke about the level of unprecedented disrespect that’s been shown to him as the nation’s Attorney General:

“The last five years have been defined by significant strides and by lasting reforms even in the face, even in the face of unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive adversity. If you don’t believe that, you look at the way — forget about me, forget about me. You look at the way the attorney general of the United States was treated yesterday by a House committee — has nothing to do with me, forget that. What attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? What president has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?”

Tal Kopan from Politico was on Morning Joe to discuss Holder’s remarks and his most recent flare-up with Rep. Gohmert. After playing clips from Tuesday’s exchange as well as Holder’s remarks on Wednesday, Scarborough jumped into the conversation. Below is video of the segment:




As you can see in the video above, Scarborough mocked the idea that racism is at play with the treatment of Holder. Scarborough defended Gohmert, saying that he believes that Gohmert would be just as tough on Janet Reno 20 years ago as he is now on Holder. Scarborough, who will use any opportunity to bring up his Congressional career, brought up the 1990s and said that Janet Reno and Bill Clinton had it just as bad, if not worse, than Holder and Obama.

Essentially, Joe Scarborough stated that he feels that Holder and President Obama are too sensitive and play the ‘race card’ too often. His feeling is that is just the atmosphere in Washington, and that Obama and Holder just need to toughen up and realize it. In Scarborough’s mind, Holder and Obama have not dealt with anymore adversity, disrespect or divisiveness than others in the past, such as Clinton, Richard Nixon or Robert Bork.

There was an extremely interesting visual going on while Scarborough explained how there wasn’t any racism directed towards the President or Attorney General in Washington. The entire panel comprised of middle-aged white people discussing the issue of whether or not a black man has experienced bigotry and prejudice while doing his job. Worse, Scarborough brushes this issue aside with snide remarks and arrogantly points out that he, and his other white colleagues on the panel, have been in Washington a long time and they know best.

All in all, we got to see Scarborough whitesplain to Holder about how Holder and Obama aren’t experiencing racism in Washington. Per good ol’ Morning Joe, Holder just needs to accept that Washington is a tough place to work.


26 Replies to “Joe Scarborough Defends Louie Gohmert And Tells Eric Holder To Stop Playing Race Card”

  1. As the saying goes…you are judged by he company you keep,joKe’s party plays the race card day after day after day.MSNBC needs to ice MoUrning Joke,he is the main reason I don’t watch MSNBC for four early a.m. hours along with Chuckie Todd.It pees me off when MSNBC gives the rethug the right to attend his clown clubs and deny Schultz the same privilege so I think MSNBC had better get it together.

  2. Of course Janet Reno was railed on, she actually acted like an idiot on Ruby Ridge and Waco. Holder has to sit there and listen to insult after insult on conspiracy theories these RWNJ have dreamed up. It is obvious they have no respect for him or the president. Clinton was never asked for a birth certificate to make sure he was eligible to be the president. I am so sick and tired of these undercover racists who do nothing but dream up charges and obstruct anything Obama may be for. I would have more respect for them if they would walk in with their white hoods on and call Holder and Obama the N word. It’s disgusting and infuriates me.

    As far as Morning Blow, I don’t even watch that show anymore. He is such a conceited, self centered, typical republican piece of crap. He has no manners and has to talk over everyone lest they may disagree with his bigoted view of the world. MSNBC would have better ratings if they canned him.

  3. Joe is a racist, bigoted ass along with being totally obnoxious and arrogant. MSNBC is losing more viewers daily.

  4. Morning Joe’s median viewing age will soon match the FOX median viewing age of 68. It already has the hateful host with a blond bimbo co-host.

  5. Scarborough is so dumb to bring up Janet Reno…she’s a woman, not very attractive, but intensely smart…so…there you go…the GOP are closet racists and closet women haters…especially when both categories are smarter then they are.

  6. I agree completely with the above……”.Doris, Phil and Diane! They have it right. I couldn’t say it better. Joe S is a windbag who needs to be taken off the show. I have also stopped watching and will watch again when he is gone!!!!!

  7. One bigoted ass, protecting another bigoted ass, as far as I see and not one full functioning brain between them.

  8. If Joe was so great in the 90s to a point of us being reminded day in and day out about himself and Ray-Gun and how Clinton would have been a failed President without the effective legislation of the GOP. He’s full of himself. The entire morning line up until 11 with Tamron Hall needs to be dumped, the after Tamron, come back and dump mitchell.

  9. Mourning Joey has become MSNBC’s version of Bill O’Reilly the question is who exactly am I insulting here. But then they kind of cancel each other out by dint of shear arrogance.

  10. I had a lot of hot comments about Joe but the people who replied covered it all. Maybe he can go to Comedy Central to replace Colbert.

  11. The minute I saw this story, Neil Young’s “Southern Man” started playing in my head.
    That’s Joe Scarborough to me.
    I started watching early shows when Imus was the host. I knew what I was watching and it was exactly what I expected. Joe tries to play both sides and he sucks.

  12. You hit the nail right on the head, these guys are all racists. They are afraid to come out, but their actions speak louder than their words. The entire Republican party are racists, again actions speaks louder than words.

  13. Joe failed to mention what happened in his office.MSNBC is not playing fair at all allowing him to speak at a “fundraiser and not Ed.I don’t watch him only if there is a clip on the blog.

  14. Denying racism burdens our society. It denies the history of our country and forecloses opportunity to correct the vast differences.

    Asserting the notion that all Americans are similarly situated and race is not an issue insults the intelligence.

    The AG should have a grasp on institutional racism and its evils. Furthermore, he has a duty to identify and address racist policies and behaviors of the government, elected officials, and agents.

    When Black Americans play the “race card” it is to remind those concerned that slavery did not end in 1865, and the economic, political, and social conditions are no different than they were in 1865 only now the white supremacists hide in business attire.

    When whites resist the playing of the race card it is to avoid any talk of the ill treatment of Blacks historically. Under the control of government, Blacks are systematically shut out of every part of the prospering end of white American society.

    Issues Commerce, banking, jur…

  15. Gohmert and joe ; both noted for making the most ignorant comments in their professions; they stand alone as examples of the hypocricy that now exists in todays repuglikan party.

  16. Anyone who gives idiots like Gohmert and Ryan and Cruz and any of these traitors any credibility is sadly stupid. Or on the take from the Koch Bros, et al.

  17. The only one using the”race card” is Joe.

    I watched the exchange between Holder and Gohmert closely……Holder never even insinuated anything racial or blamed anyone….! WTF!

    Oh, wait! Holder did wish him well with his asparagus!

    I guess to some, very stupid people, that Holder may have played some kind of card, because he sure won the hand!!!!!

  18. Morning “Joke” and his co dependent co host and cast are a bunch of character(less) panel of moronic ,oraly defecating fools. These pontificating stooges have less than a zero sum total on the IQ quotient scale.

    None have effected any positive impact in the real world. This is “A” typical of the RR as demonstrated on a ongoing basis with bigoted elitist sociopaths policies and rhetoric.

    Any thing that is said is a mindless diatribe of political non sensible crapola. Many knowledgeable persons maintain that Morning Joke got away with murder. A man of worthless values…

  19. I don’t know about that so much Charles, Mika has degenerated into a paranoid sugarphobe and suck up to Pajama Joe. But Mike Barnacle is the adult in the room ad Thomas Roberts adds a sensible appeal for the younger crowd that has divested themselves of the bigoted baggage of their parents.

  20. I couldn’t agree more. We’re so tired of Scarborough that we’ve switched off MSNBC altogether until he’s no longer there. Maybe MSNBC will get the message if his audience figures drop through the floor as a result of right wing idiocy and bigotry like this.

  21. Thomas,

    You do realize that Colbert’s character was a satire on O’Reilly? Joe ain’t funny or knowledgeable – he can’t hold a candle to Stephen or Jon Stewart. Joe is a failed politcian, failed insurance defense lawyer and all around ass.

  22. This is the reason I do not watch MSNBC during the morning hours. You have Mark H. sitting there claiming there is no disrespect but he called the President a D**K. Mika sitting there like a lap dog, panting at her boss. The rest of the people sitting as if what Joke is saying is the gospel. The people that disagrees with him, he will not let them speak. Everyone he claimed that has been disrespected did not have to provide a birth certificate to proof they were eligible to become POTUS. Ask Joe about why he really left congress, can it have something to do with the intern they found in his office? I am sick of these people.

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