Alison Lundergan Grimes Obliterates Mitch McConnell In Rousing Victory Speech


In a barn burner of a victory speech, Alison Lundergan Grimes leveled Sen. Mitch McConnell with a speech that was nothing less than a devastating destruction of the chief Republican obstructionist.

Alison Lundergan Grimes said that Mitch McConnell is going to try to buy his way back to DC, with deceitful tactics. Grimes hammered McConnell by saying that he has been in the Senate for 30 years, but he has no record to run on. Grimes said McConnell is so out of touch with Kentucky that he thinks Obama is on the ballot. She said, “Nothing about this election change who is in the White House…Sen. McConnell, this race, is between you and me.” Grimes said, “It is my number one priority that Mitch McConnell doesn’t see another term.”

Grimes said she is not an empty dress. She is not a rubber stamp, and she is not a cheerleader. She promised that as the state’s next senator, she will answer to the people, not the president — no matter who he or she might be. Grimes said that she is a proud Kentucky woman, and no Kentucky woman will sit on the back bench.

She said that the election isn’t about party control. It’s about two very different visions for Kentucky. Grimes said McConnell stands on the wrong side of every issue for Kentuckians. She hit McConnell for refusing to raise the minimum wage, but quadrupling his own net wealth while in the Senate. Grimes said McConnell is on the wrong side of every issue when it comes to women. She said that if McConnell can’t stand up to protect Kentucky’s women against violence, he doesn’t deserve to be U.S. Senator.

Grimes said that it is on McConnell’s watch, not her’s, that the state has lost thousands of coal jobs. Grimes ripped McConnell for voting against veterans. Grimes said that McConnell has been on the wrong side of jobs, and slammed McConnell for saying that it isn’t his job to bring jobs to the state of Kentucky.

Alison Lundergan Grimes said that the race is about somebody who has never put forward a jobs plan in 30 years. She promised to rise every morning and work to bring jobs to Kentucky. She promised to rid Kentucky of a man who hasn’t worked for them in Washington.

Grimes hit on all of McConnell’s weaknesses in her speech. It was amazing to see her come out of the gate this hard at McConnell. Her campaign is sensing a major anti-incumbent sentiment, and they are using Mitch McConnell’s incumbency against him.

Mitch McConnell wants to run against Barack Obama, but Alison Grimes is making this election all about Mitch McConnell. If Mitch McConnell wants a street fight, Alison Lundergan Grimes looks ready to go toe to toe with him.

Lundergan Grimes has become McConnell’s worst nightmare. McConnell looked and sounded old and tired compared to his Democratic opponent, and she is in a fantastic position to retire Mitch McConnell from the United States Senate.

21 Replies to “Alison Lundergan Grimes Obliterates Mitch McConnell In Rousing Victory Speech”

  1. To paraphrase an old catchphrase – “From this article to God’s ears.” May Lundergan Grimes truly put McConnell in his rocking chair on the Doddering Old Senator’s Retirement Home.

  2. Okay Ky get behind this woman and send Mitch packing, she can do it. You have a fighter there, she is young and she will take your state to better place.

  3. Allison Grimes is just the person Kentucky needs, and I’m praying that she will defeat the do-nothing, mean spirited McConnell at long last! It will be a huge victory for Kentucky to have a person of character working for them, for a change.

  4. McConnell has a lot of dirt up his sleeve. He isnt done yet. But if she keeps up with speeches like that she may have a chance

  5. You go girl! You make me wish I lived in KY!!! Time to show Senator Obstruct McTurdle what true term limits are all about!!

  6. Never underestimate the lengths Mitch will goto. This will be a monumental battle, but it must be fought. Go Grimes!

  7. Give ’em hell Grimes! FYI to the author a candidate gives a “victory speech” when they win, not while they are still running.

  8. NO Public office should be allowed to go on forever (30 yrs) I think it should be a 3 term limit for House and Senate!

  9. I’m really hoping she will win and help Democrats keep the senate, however I get the feeling that she will not support or vote with the Democrats the way she should and in a way that helps the American people or Kentucky for that matter.

  10. I believe the author *meant* to reference the victory that Grimes had over the other contenders in the Democratic primary election, which was held just this Tuesday. Grimes defeated the other candidates who wanted the nod to run against McConnell in November, and in her victory speech for that primary, she concentrated on nailing McConnell instead of disparaging the candidates she had defeated. Kind of a “this race is behind me, concentrate on the one coming up” strategy.

  11. Awesome speech, attack him with the truth! Everyone in every state listen up! We need to enforce a max 2-term limits in both the Senate and Congress. Please do not reelect an incumbent if they have already served 2 terms. These positions were not meant to be lifetime appointments! We need fresh blood, new ideas, less political one-upmanship. I know it’s hard but we as a country need to reclaim our Congress and Senate. This is the only way to do it! THINK HARD before you next vote!

  12. Mitch McConnell is a pseudo-GOP member. It’s fake to say he is against the Tea Party. These GOP have it all figured as GOP against TP, get in office and put forth the TP agenda.

  13. I am amazed that Mitch, being from the South, messed with Allison Grimes like that…She did not stand for that, and she is a tough Southern woman, and will take no shit from anyone.

    I can see Grimes running for President someday…

  14. How about a video of the speech – I’d love to be able to “Share” that with my Facebook Friends !

  15. I wasn’t too certain about her once she posed in a wife-beater and with a gun…didn’t seem all that substantive. But my mind has definitely been changed. She’s got some juice!

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