President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Secret Lunch Is More Bad News For Republicans


President Obama’s concussion joke that seemed to be baiting Karl Rove wasn’t a coincidence. After his veiled jab at Rove, Obama attended a secret lunch with former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.

This morning while talking about concussions and youth sports, President Obama unexpectedly ad libbed a remark about his own potential mild concussions as a youngster, “Before the awareness was out there, when I was young and played football briefly, there were a couple of times where I’m sure that that ringing sensation in my head and the need to sit down for a while might have been a mild concussion, and at the time you didn’t think anything of it. The awareness is improved today, but not by much. So the total number of young people who are impacted by this early on is probably bigger than we know.”

As Sarah Jones pointed out, the president’s mention of his own possible concussions seemed to be baiting Karl Rove. It comes as no surprise that after the morning event, President Obama had a secret lunch with former Sec. of State Clinton. The White House press pool reporter asked the White House after a People magazine reporter accidentally tweeted about the lunch.

A White House official confirmed that the lunch did indeed happen, “The President enjoyed an informal, private lunch with Secretary Clinton at the White House this afternoon.”

This is why Karl Rove’s 2004 tactics and the hapless Republican Party have little chance against Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party. The party leadership is unified behind Clinton. Democrats are light years ahead of the Republicans in the build up to 2016. So far the Republicans have tried to revive the Lewinsky scandal, and float a ridiculous rumor that Hillary Clinton has brain damage.

Republicans have less than nothing to run on. Meanwhile, it certainly looks like friendship between former Sec. of State Clinton and President Obama remains as strong as ever. Karl Rove is the big Republican strategist who was supposed to make life so difficult for Hillary Clinton that she would decide not to run for president. Instead of causing Clinton to retreat from her presidential ambition, Rove has become the butt of presidential jokes.

Democrats aren’t just ready for Hillary. They are firing up a steamroller ahead of 2016, and all the Republicans can do is stand around powerlessly and watch their oncoming demise.

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