Shocker: Republican Poll Finds Democrat Alison Grimes Leading Mitch McConnell 49%-46%


alison lundergan grimes

Mitch McConnell has 99 problems and Alison Lundergran Grimes is the biggest one. A new Republican poll has found that Grimes is leading McConnell by three points.

A new poll from GOP pollster Magellan Strategies has Republican Senate Minority Leader trailing his Democratic challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes, in the Kentucky Senate race 49%-46%.


McConnell has spent millions of dollars of advertising and has been unable to build any kind of lead on Grimes. In dozens of polls, the Kentucky Senate race has been tied for months. Grimes has run a solid campaign that has focused on McConnell’s status as the ultimate Washington insider.

Sen. McConnell has tried to label his Democratic opponent a puppet of President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Reid, but all of his attacks have fallen flat. Mitch McConnell has insisted on making his campaign about Barack Obama using the same tired thrusts against the left that voters have heard for years. Much like his just so no agenda in the Senate, Mitch McConnell has been running a campaign about nothing in Kentucky.

After Mitch McConnell blocked Elizabeth Warren’s student loan refinancing bill yesterday, Alison Lundergan Grimes went on the attack and used McConnell’s latest obstruction to argue that the Senate Minority Leader has a long record of voting against the best interests of Kentucky residents.

McConnell created an even bigger problem for himself when he made a political enemy out of Elizabeth Warren. On MSNBC, Warren announced that she is going to hold McConnell accountable for his obstruction by going to Kentucky to campaign for Alison Lundergan Grimes. Warren also asked liberals and progressives to donate to the Grimes campaign in order to get McConnell out of office.

Lundergan Grimes is gaining momentum while McConnell continues to tread water. With Sen. Warren coming to the state, Grimes should see an influx of donations and media attention. The Republican poll released today did not measure one essential piece of information. Mitch McConnell has consistently had an underwater approval rating.

McConnell is not popular in the state, and his attempts to lower Lundergan Grimes’ approval ratings aren’t working. Sen. McConnell is in big trouble. Alison Lundergan Grimes has a legitimate opportunity to send Mitch McConnell into retirement with Eric Cantor.

33 Replies to “Shocker: Republican Poll Finds Democrat Alison Grimes Leading Mitch McConnell 49%-46%”

  1. This isn’t the same organization that showed Eric Cantor winning his election, is it?

    I’m not sure I’d trust any Republican pollster right now.

  2. The only people who are shocked that Grimes is leading are those not from Kentucky. Alison Grimes has been leading in most of these polls for months now.

  3. Actually, the polls have been tied for months. The last 15 polls have shown a tie, or small McConnell lead. The Republican polls had been the only ones to show McConnell with a lead.

  4. All I know she is for coal and against any regs if it pertains to coal. Like they said all politics are local and even though she is wrong we cant ley the perfect be the enemy of the good

  5. Cantor is the first domino to fall. This GOP has no leadership, vision or even direction for itself or for the country. They have done nothing to expand its base, craft meaningful messaging that might resonate with anyone outside the 1% or develop a platform of accomplishments to run on.

  6. I think we all now see how good polls are. McConnell doesnt know how to run a campaign as he hasnt had to for years. I hope to see the chances of him disappearing get better and better

  7. Mitch like Eric have nothing to offer the people in their states. Just a dislike of the President. Hey guys that does not put food on the table!!!

  8. This poll is prior to Elizabeth Warren releasing her very considerable fundraising might on the future former Senate Minority Leader and Senior Senator from Kentucky.

  9. and when elizabeth warren goes full throttle on him, that lead will go into double digits. i can’t wait until november.

  10. If the turtle will take me out to Capital Grill for a steak dinner, I’ll vote for him. (Just don’t tell him I don’t live in KY.)

  11. She is all about coal, even though the mountains are hollow or have been removed, and the war on coal is a political buzz word. She has also spoke in favor of the keystone pipeline! This race will be all about turn out in November….and if the tea party hates Mitch enough to stay at home or vote against him!

  12. Great news! Turnout will be the key to who wins this race. McConnell wants a low turnout obviously. This poll methodology showed Democrats were 56% of the poll to forty something for Republicans so Kentucky Democrats need to get out and vote in a swarm come November.

  13. Here’s the problem with that poll. It assumes the same voter turnout as the last Presidential election.

    That isn’t going to happen.

    Two other polls released the week before had McConnell ahead.

  14. Here’s the problem with you. Now maybe your super duper wing nut decoder ring can see something that’s not there but no where in that poll were they basing their assumptions on what happen in 2012. It said:This survey was
    weighted based upon past general election voting demographics. That’s plural not singular. So stop making ASSumptions because when you do you make a ass of yourself.

  15. keep hitting McConnel, and hit him hard. He a washington insider and political hack,as was Eric Cantor… with no allegiance to his constituents.

  16. Finally, Mitch has met his match! He should find a way to bow out gracefully as Ms. Grimes is going to sweep the floor with him come November. Getting him out of office will not only be a relief for Kentucky, but the United States as a whole! Go Ms. Grimes!

  17. An American Crossroads poll has Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell up by 5 points over Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky.

    As of July 3.



    PS…polling for this race will be up/down between now and Nov.

  18. Hello. American Crossroads is a Herr Karl Rove group. You know how well he does with polls right? “Meltdown”:

    But you are right, it will be up and down

  19. Mitch had one favorite word “no”.

    Vote with his favorite word in November!

    His wealth and cronies will create “last minute dirt” ads just before the election.

    I hope no one falls for his “dirt”.

    I have been sending money to Alison Grimes.

    Eliizabeth Warren has fire in her belly!

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