New Poll Shows Alison Lundergan Grimes Is Positioned For Victory In Kentucky Senate Race

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CNN called their poll of the Kentucky Senate race a slim lead for McConnell, but the 50%-46% spread means that the election is a statistical tie and that two months before Election Day, Alison Lundergan Grimes is in a position to defeat Mitch McConnell.

The CNN poll revealed that Sen. McConnell leads Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes among likely voters 50%-46%, but leads registered voters 47%-46%. The electorate has mostly decided who they will support with just 19% of likely voters and 24% of registered voters suggesting that they might change their minds before Election Day. The poll revealed that McConnell is leading with men 55%-41%, but Grimes leads with women 52%-45%. McConnell has more than 60% support in the eastern and western parts of Kentucky, but Grimes leads in all other parts of the state.

The poll found that there aren’t many persuadable voters in Kentucky, and the election may come down to the 28% of moderates who said that they might change their minds. What CNN tried to call a lead, really isn’t a lead for McConnell. The Republican Senate Minority Leader has spent tens of millions of dollars on advertising, but he has been unable to build any kind of lead on Alison Grimes.

In a statement, the Grimes campaign said, “After over $30 million in spending from Mitch McConnell and his Washington special interest allies, our campaign is well-positioned for victory. For over a year, this race has remained a dead heat – a disconcerting place for the 30-year incumbent nine weeks out from Election Day. Our strong grassroots infrastructure, coupled with Alison’s focus on growing the middle class, continues to bring Kentuckians together. The people of Kentucky are sending the message that they are ready for an independent, commonsense problem solver who puts people first, not a champion for millionaires and billionaires.”

Alison Grimes is in a position that few thought she would be in when this election started. She has a legitimate chance to defeat Mitch McConnell. The thirty year Republican incumbent has not been able to build a lead of any substance for over a year. Democrats have been discussing how their Senate majority will be saved if either Grimes or Michelle Nunn can win their Senate races in red states.

It turns out that Democrats many win both Senate contests in Kentucky and Georgia. Instead of counting down the days until he is Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell is facing a countdown to retirement. There are only 62 more days to go until voters in Kentucky get their chance to retire Mitch McConnell.

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  1. And another government shutdown would guarantee victory. It’s coming. The demagogues in the GOP will force it, because they have promises to keep to their wingnut constituents.

  2. Mitch buried himself with his leaked tapes. She needs to make sure Kentucky understands that. She has the ammo. She has the info. No one with a brain could vote for Mitch who has done nothing for Kentucky. He can live on Coal, but thats less then 1% of Kentucky’s jobs

  3. News Flash for Kentucky…GOTV
    Time for the turtle to retire and please please please send him packin’

  4. Well…it’s a bit of an optimistic stretch to say that “What CNN tried to call a lead, really isn’t a lead” and to say that “a 50%-46% spread means that the election is a statistical tie.” A four percent polling lead may be a statistical tie. A consistent four percent polling lead for eight weeks is not and “poised for victory” is just flat-out dumb.

    And ya know, false optimism can have a negative effect on getting the vote out.

  5. McConnell has gotten record breaking money pouring in from the Koch Bros. and other mega wealthy out of state donors, yet Allison is hanging in here in the most important Senate race in the country. If you live outside of Kentucky please donate and help us defeat McConnell for good! With this kind of outside influence we need the whole country’s help to be able to do it!

  6. Some more good news. Kansas may be in play.

    Holy smokes! Democrat drops out in Kansas Senate race—but increases chances of a Republican loss

    Now, we’re talking about Kansas, so you can’t expect any great progressive saviors here. But Orman, before his independent bid, was a Democrat (he briefly ran for Senate back in 2008 as well), and he’s well to Roberts’ left. But who would he caucus with? In a canny move, Orman’s promised to side with whichever party wins the majority in the Senate this fall, so he can really only make life difficult for Republicans.

  7. Blocked the Violence against women act, voted against the lily ledbetter equal pa act, Protect Women’s Health From Corporate Interference Act of 2014 , and voting against unemployment benefits, voting to cut food aid and voting to repeal the ACA and that’s ONLY FROM 2010

  8. Nothing made me understand more clearly the vile antipathy of the GOP for our President, than Mitch’s vow, early on, before there was any clarity of what Obama stood for, that he would be a one-term president. For that statement alone, rather than trying to work with the president for the good of the country, Mitch McConnell deserves to be sent to the ash heap of ignorance and bigotry in this country.

  9. KY will become the shining beacon of The South if they elect this woman.

    PEOPLE OBVIOUSLY —DO NOT UNDERSTAND—- WHO THE KOCH BROS ARE…the backers of every GOP candidate in the country.
    First, they are into nearly EVERY LAW THATS PASSED. Google “any political issue you chose + Koch.” VERY few people know this. THEY ‘OWN’ 20 US STATEHOUSES.


    POWER ADDICTED economic DICTATORS, they have tapped the minds of every bigot, gun carrying, Bible toting and abortion freak in America. 20% of the population, THE largest voting bloc…are in The Tea Party. They will gut S S and Medicare. Hitler wouldn’t have grown to power with their platform

    Did Bill Gates spend his life buying state politicians by funneling millions into campaigns? Same in the US Congress? These guys should be FEARED as the greatest threat to America since Washington crossed the Delawar…

  10. This poll was taken BEFORE the Friday announcement that his Campaign Manager quit under a cloud that he may have been involved in the Bribery with the Ron Paul Campaign where the Senator who took the bribe has already been found guilty. Seems that Senator said Jessie Benson McConnell Campaign manager had to know about the bribe an being caught in the cross hairs he quit! Take a poll NOW an see if that had any effect on those who were on the fence/or changed a few minds.

  11. Alison’s campaign is just as well financed as McConnell’s. McConnell did not take Grimes seriously at the beginning, which as a bad mistake.

    This seat is important to the Dems, and they will finace Grimes to the end.

  12. As it stands right now, there are only three vulnerable Dem seats that seem pretty certain to be a Republican pickup. If, however, Kansas now goes for the Independent which looks very likely, he was a former Dem, so he is at least a moderate. It is also looking quite good for the Dems to pick up another seat in Georgia, so if they could pick up Mitch’s seat, besides it just being so sweet to see that disgusting man go, it would cancel out all three seats that the CONS are likely to gain. That would make it highly improbable for them to take back the Senate.

  13. There are still ignorant people in Kentucky that would consider voting for this asshole who still promotes a government shutdown, removal of their medicade. What assholes.

  14. As the late Jackie Gleason would say “How Sweet it is” Hey Grimes, kick his ass! signed by the American people

  15. I more than anyone would love to see Mitch go but I don’t see it happening. He has an uncanny knack to survive and I have gotten my hopes up many times before. It’s still possible that Grimes will will, but as of today, I’d say Mitch wins – close, but wins.

  16. Explain to the dumb down that, its like Danica Patrick is in position to win NASCAR’s points race….LMFAO@ the dumb down.

  17. What is this, the ONION? Mitch McConnell has opened up an 8 point lead…bwahahhaha Nice try though …

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