National Outrage Grows As 22 Newspaper Editorials Blast Senate Republican Letter To Iran


Newspapers all across the country are ripping the 47 Senate Republicans who attempted to sabotage President Obama by writing a letter to Iran. Here is a sampling of the criticism from no less than 22 newspaper editorial boards.

The Concord Monitor in New Hampshire took Sen. Kelly Ayotte to task for signing the letter, “Ayotte and the rest of the gang of 47 would like nothing more than for the American people to view the letter as a necessary defense against misguided negotiations and flawed policies, a comeuppance for an arrogant commander in chief who flaunts his contempt for the Constitution. They want you to know, America, that they wrote the letter for you because Obama must be stopped. In reality, they are playing a political game dangerously out of bounds.”

The editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote that the senators who signed the letter should be ashamed, “America’s partners in the talks are among the world’s most important nations — China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom. They can only be appalled at seeing Secretary of State John Kerry and the president, who are charged with making the nation’s foreign policy, hit from behind by one house of the federal legislature. The senators who signed the letter should be ashamed.”

The Sacramento Bee wrote that Senate Republicans need a civics lesson, “It’s the Republican senators who signed the letter – including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and potential presidential candidates Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Marco Rubio of Florida – who could use a remedial civics class. The Constitution gives the president broad authority to conduct foreign policy. The Senate’s “advise and consent” role covers formal treaties. The potential deal on Iran’s nuclear weapons program is not a treaty. It is a multinational agreement that involves Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia, as well as the United States and Iran.”

The Baltimore Sun pulled no punches, “The poison pen note was a shocking example of just how far President Barack Obama’s GOP critics in Congress are willing to go in an effort to undercut his foreign policy goals…The GOP senators might just as well have put up a big sign over their chamber warning the mullahs in Tehran to prepare for war because that’s the practical import of rejecting any possibility of a negotiated resolution of the two countries’ differences. Republican lawmakers in effect have adopted the hard-line agenda of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who offered a similarly uncompromising view of Iranian intentions when he addressed a joint meeting of Congress last week.”

The Boston Globe accused Senate Republicans of winning sympathy for Iran, “WINNING SYMPATHY for the renegade Islamic Republic of Iran is no easy trick. But Republicans in the US Senate seem to be accomplishing it with their breathtakingly reckless intrusion into international diplomacy….The letter not only undercuts the president’s traditional authority to oversee the shaping of foreign policy but badly undermines America’s credibility in the international community.”

The Kansas City Star wondered if it was the Iran letter, or the Republican senators who were treacherous, “Given the Republicans’ pure hatred of Obama, it also seemed extra personal, yet another politically motivated attempt to stop him from doing anything that might be perceived as a victory for his administration.”

The Salt Lake City Tribune referred to Utah’s two Republican senators as foolish for joining the campaign, “It will be up to history to judge whether the latest partisan stunt joined by Utah Sens. Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch amounts to an act of End Times warmongering or merely another bit of cringe-worthy buffoonery on the global stage. Chances are that the foolish, dangerous and arguably felonious attempt by the Obama Derangement Caucus of the Senate will soon be forgotten. Unless, as President Obama himself muttered the other day, the Senate Republicans make common cause with the hard-liners in Iran to push the region, and the world, that much closer to nuclear war.”

The quotes above from editorial boards around the country are a small taste of the backlash that is growing against the Senate Republicans. Anger is growing from coast to coast.

It is not an understatement to suggest that the outrage over the Senate Republican letter is national. In this time of great partisan divide, Republicans managed to unify the country with an act that was as blatantly unpatriotic as it was blindingly stupid. The tea partiers who turned the House of Representatives into a three ring circus have invaded the Senate, and the letter to Iran is their most high profile bit of handiwork.

Republicans are desperately trying to convert Hillary Clinton’s emails into a 2016 campaign story, but the irony is that with their Iran letter, the Senate GOP might have just handed Democrats a powerful issue that could put an end to their fragile Senate majority.

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  1. The scene wherein Bugs Bunny is surrounded by bombs and military in that cartoon where he goes on a rip because of his measly bounty comes to mind….Ehhh! Do you think I might have gone too far?…

  2. I am glad to see at least the news papers are calling these morons out. All TV news is just beating the Hillary e-mail dead horse.

  3. Cotton, a wet behind the ears newbie, took control!! What a group of unqualified so-called representatives all the experienced signees proved themselves to be. Will John McCain EVER grow up and admit that the better man won the elcection, or is he still expecting his Daddy to fix everything for him? Time for the elders to retire, they were just taken over by a not too bright bought and paid for wannabe.

  4. J Street’s Dylan Williams fingers Bill Kristol for writing the letter: –

    There’s a reason for Williams’s suspicion. Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel gave Tom Cotton nearly $1 million in his race for the Senate just five months ago, Eli Clifton reported. “Cotton received $960,250 in supportive campaign advertising in the last month.” –

  5. WOW is all I can say. Usually papers lean to the rethugs.If the thugs have lost them, they really are in trouble.

  6. But the rethugs are no fools. Just say Hillary emails and like the idiots that people are will flocked to that non story.

  7. They violated the Logan Act. Let’s stop “being outraged” and simply take them to court. Don’t the laws in this country mean ANYTHING?

  8. And I agree with every damn one of them
    I’m outraged and have been calling them out too for years …

    They have the damn nerve to say it was a joke, they didn’t really mean it-NO what they didn’t expect was all the backlash from all sides of the aisle (Dem, Rep,Ind and whatever other parties there are)

    They thought the Clinton emails would give them cover that’s why they keep harping on that-the hell with those emails there needs to be some repercussions behind this…

  9. I used to think that Republican politicians were just pandering to their base and telling them what they wanted to hear even though they probably knew they were wrong. Now, I am beginning to realize that they are, indeed, as idiotic as the people who vote for them.

  10. They need to send letters of apology all around and then do us a favor and resign. If they don’t they should be put on trial for sedition.

  11. First off, I called these media sources out yesterday for being the Fascist GOP’s corporate media waterboys and their hypocrisy in their “outrage” against the letter :( ssmdh
    I also pointed out to the few that claimed that the action amounted to Treason is the wrong conclusion…sure, what they did was, in fact, illegal, but it wasn’t Treason…it was a violation of the Logan Act, which can be found in the US Code, Title 18, Chapter 45, Section 953.
    Apparently, I have to keep making this last point because people forget it: the GOP Cons are Fascist psychopaths. While everyone else in the party (especially Teaidjits and Firebaggers) are, indeed idiots/ignorant, the Cons are not. The letter was a calculated move to make the Republicans appear to be idiotic, which is EXACTLY what the GOP Cons want everyone to think. Don’t be fooled. Never underestimate the Fascist psychopathology of the GOP Cons…never.

  12. At least they were brought up to date on the US Constitution by the Iran Minister who is obviously better educated than our GOP senators.

  13. Furthermore, I also mentioned, many times, that all GOP politicians in this country are already criminals, being guilty of insurrection, sedition or, in many cases, BOTH. Since the USAG /Justice Department has no interest in indicting, arresting and prosecuting the GOP for those crimes, what makes anyone think that they’ll do anything about this?!?

  14. Maybe now that the newspapers have sounded off on this, the sensationalist broadcast news will have no choice but to pick it up. The gang of 47 that can’t shoot straight has shot themselves in the foot again. I’ll bet Mitch McConnell is very proud of his leadership abilities by now. Sure, let the freshman Senator lead us down this road. What could possibly go wrong? Lol.

  15. Actually, I believe that the quote is “The last refuge of a scoundrel”… but close enough, Rick… They’re scoundrels, another name for assholes.

  16. I want a block of all network primetime set aside so these a-holes can face the people of America and publicly apologize to them and the President. No pontificating, no justification, just everyone of them getting up there one at a time.
    “I f’d up and was driven by my hatred of he President and all that he stands for to do something highly unethical and morally repugnant.”
    IN addition, I want every Senator who signed this piece of crap to withdraw his/her name for consideration for the 2016 presidential nomination.
    Such abject arrogance, cowardice, greed, and stupidity should require some type of penalty.

  17. Benedick Arnold called himself a Patriot just before he became a tratior to this country, just like the 47 tratitorous members in the senate that were sent to Washington by their so called blind and ignorantly racist constituents, bet you’re proud,this country is now being laughed at. These 47+ are utterly and total a disgrace to America and around the world.

  18. Good luck, GOP/TP, in getting all of the skunk smell off of yourselves. I hear it’s very hard to get rid of it.

  19. I blame the GOP. I fear the GOP much more than I fear Iran. The Iranians never tried to hurt ordinary handicapped Americans, but the GOP has made killing the handicapped their “prime directive” ever since Nov 4, 1980. I have personally seen my handicapped friends in college die off like flies just to satisfy the unquenchable greed of rich Republicans.

    I have some reservations about Iran’s intentions, but my friends did not die at the hands of Iranians but at the hands of the GOP. My biggest problem with Iran is the part they played in the Iran-Contra scandal, when Reagan sold our weapons to our enemies to finance building a terrorist army Contras who only raped and murdered nuns but didn’t actually fight soldiers who could defend themselves.

  20. One would think that the “experienced” members of the Senate would have refused to sign onto Cotton’s letter, but they didn’t. Their animus for this particular president is so great that they were willing to embarrass themselves and create a real international scandal of epic proportions in order to inflict some sort of “harm” onto him. They are so impressed with Cotton’s military service and his Harvard law degree, and they naturally thought he knew what he was doing. It never occurred to them to consider that his credentials do not mean he’s a foreign policy expert, so they did what they usually do–they went with their “gut feelings,” and are now suffering the pangs of severe diarrhea of the mouth and butt. Their supporters are now hiding out, just as McCain, McConnell and the other “experienced” GOP/TP senators are. Cotton is trying to ameliorate the damage and justify his actions, but his excuses are sounding more and more flimsy and unbelievable.

  21. I hope the media blasts them from here to kingdom come. Shame, shame on them. They ought to be run out of the country on a rail!

  22. My Dear Momma used to say;
    “When it comes to getting what THEY want, Republicans have more nerve than a bad tooth”.

    The Republicans really screwed the pooch on this one.
    And the really glorious thing about it is, this time I’m pretty sure they KNOW it.

    If it was just Cotton who did this, they’d just throw him under the bus, but 47 and counting…………

    I just wish my Dear Momma was still here to see this!

  23. This is backfiring on the GOP/TP in a huge way. It’s also the BIG scandal they’ve been waiting for, and it’s real. They have been accustomed to doing underhanded sh*t and getting away with it. In a way, I’m glad they did this because it has caused major newspapers to do something they’ve been reluctant to do in the past—call GOP/TP opposition to PBO exactly what it is—hatred that goes beyond political differences. Republicans have spent the last 6 years blaming the increase in racism on Pres. Obama when they’re the cause of it. Maybe now since newspapers are exposing them, some Americans who have bought into their claim that PBO caused the increase in racism will realize that GOP/TPers are responsible. They have never missed an opportunity to inject race into everything PBO has done, beginning with Glenn Beck’s claim that “this president has a deep-seated hatred of white people.” They believed this lie even though Beck had no evidence to support his claim.

  24. tom cotton maybe a harvarrd grad but he is a 90 day wonder ocs us army officer ,officers candidate school any enlistee can ask to go and be trained to be a platoon leader and lead a platoon in combat true but guess he didnt see much combat cause he isasking for another war in the me true hewasaplatoonleader but well he is felonius now violating the logan act is a felony ,with afine and three eyars injail send the felonious 47 to prison i wont shed any tears except for the veterans and soldiers they want to kill for there selfish greed

  25. The KC Star tends to be fairly conservative leaning…I’m glad they saw the action for what it is and the danger to world peace that it represents.

  26. Idiotic — perhaps. More accurately they are subversive, scheming and treacherous. Their intent, their only intent, is to destroy this President and destroy this Nation. Ask your Republican Senator or Representative if you have them — what programs has your party enacted into law that in any way helps the average middle class American. Tax cuts for the rich don’t count. They cannot answer that question every time I’ve posed it. Their aim is to destroy and when citizens sit home and do not vote, this is the result. It happened in Germany…it will happen here.

  27. On yesterday, I read about the results of a recent poll. It showed that only 17% of Americans think the HRC email issue is a serious matter. Economic issues, the P5+1 negotiations, and the DOJ Ferguson report are of more importance to Americans. But don’t expect GOP/TPers to pay any attention to these poll results. They never do. They will continue beating the drums about the HRC and will probably be successful in convincing their brain-dead supporters that it disqualifies her for running for POTUS. Their leaders will never tell them that Romney destroyed emails so they could never be used, if he ran for POTUS, or that Palin was investigated for using her personal email system to conduct official business in Alaska while she was governor. Their followers are so gullible and filled with hypocrisy that it’s easy for GOP/TP movers and shakers to convince them to overlook the fact that politicians in their party have done the same things they vilify dems for doing.

  28. Thanks for posting this and helping to get the word out. I signed it and will forward it for more coverage.

  29. Well, remember what guts are full of and it makes sense that particular organ is the one that Reptilicans go to for decision making.

  30. Tom Cotton has authored a treasonous letter. This letter has undermined the
    Executive Branch of the Government.
    This letter has undermined the State
    Department. This letter shows a great
    deal of stupidity; and a lack of protocol.
    Surely, the people who signed this letter;
    knew better. This letter is blatant insubordination and treason.

  31. They’re trying to play a game of brinkmanship.

    But it’s like engaging in a game of wits with Sarah Palin.

  32. One suggestion, if someone has the info – who and how many of the 47 are up for election in 2016? That should be made public.

  33. Vote them out on election day. Please do not vote for them again and we should send them to Iran every one of them…

  34. Thank God for the “news” papers! Support your local paper through a subscription to keep the real news alive.
    Dems need to go on the offense. The rethugs understand they are disadvantaged in 2016. One of their strategies is to attack and keep “non” scandals going! Dems need to attack, attack, and discredit the rethugs! Republicans are bullies, they dig up information to destroy and kill even when nothing is there, they will make it up…..just like they did in a whisper campaign that caused a suicide….that investigation continues into the death of Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich. They are racists, they teach people to hate and kill…expose these people locally and nationally!

  35. Republican Senators up for re-election in 2016.Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire)
    Roy Blunt (Missouri)
    John Boozman (Arkansas)
    Richard Burr (North Carolina)
    Dan Coats (Indiana)
    Mike Crapo (Idaho)
    Chuck Grassley (Iowa)
    John Hoeven (North Dakota)
    Johnny Isakson (Georgia)
    Ron Johnson (Wisconsin)
    Mark Kirk (Illinois)
    James Lankford (Oklahoma)
    Mike Lee (Utah)
    John McCain (Arizona)
    Jerry Moran (Kansas)
    Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
    Rand Paul (Kentucky)
    Rob Portman (Ohio)
    Marco Rubio (Florida)
    Tim Scott (South Carolina)
    Richard Shelby (Alabama)
    John Thune (South Dakota)
    Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania)
    David Vitter (Louisiana)

    I believe Ms Murkowski is not seeking re-election and didn’t sign the letter. I’ve not checked this list for any of the other six who didn’t sign

  36. Blunt-smoking some weed, Boozman, I have nothing to add, Crapo- some more shit, Moran- the teabagger spelling of Moron. Are we take these idiots seriously?

  37. Wow, lots of them up for election,Burr in NC where I am too. I hope they all have to answer for this when they are on the campaign trail, I worry that
    Adelson and his cohorts will keep them supplied with cash.

  38. Impeach them all for aid and comfort to the enemy; every soldier who dies because of this – blood on their hands!

  39. An apology will NOT be enough. they need to lose their seat in the Senate and be banned from ever holding another political seat of many kind.

  40. Andrew what makes you think for one nanosecond the Supreme court we have would do a thing to punish these 47. if the DOJ did bring upcharges, the Supreme would nullify.

  41. Just reading about the intelligence of Tom Cotton, apparently he told a constituent not
    to purchase insurance through Obamacare because a russian mobster might get her personal information.

  42. All 47 Senators should be told to resign ,if they can’t be charged with the Logan act.These Senators should not get away with this. Tom Cotton should be ashamed of himself as the rest should be. They knew exactly what they were doing they all are an embarrassment to this country..

  43. The only thing worse than a republican politician is a republican voter. The Cult of the Rich is determined to put billionaires above crinimal and civil law, above labor and environmental regulations, and above basic ethical standards. The goal of the right wing is to use the stupid voter to create an Ayn Rand dystopia where the rich can pollute at will and those born deformed can be left to starve to death. In short, so what if a child is born with serious birth defects if the Koch brothers can save some money by cleaning up their pollution.

  44. Rotten Cotton and the Feckless 46: shaming America for political gain – and campaign contributions from defense contractors.

  45. I want every one of these 47 traitors in the Senate to apologize to the President, resign their seat immediately, return their unlawfully obtained pay (they violated their oath of office), and promise never to run for any elective office again…

  46. Cotton, is truley in over his head in reguard to the senates protocols. That being said, McConnell should have put a stop to this reckless letter. I’m sure he just hates it, that the president out manuvers him at every turn. He wanted to be in charge, but he has shown himself to be incompetent. He is far from being the leader he portrayed himself to be during the 2014 election.

  47. Accountabilty for the 47 – put them somewhere they can’t do anymore harm and set an example for other corrupt politicians – it is over due the American people demand accountablity. They have been throwing everyone under the bus for profit for a while now. No mercy for those who have shown no mercy for others; they are trampling all of us, – that is the summation of the GOP policy of obstruction, and gain for themselves and Corporate sponsers, arrogance to justify their bigotry. Accountabilty! Resign now – they don’t represent and work for the people.

  48. One thing you can be sure of is that all of the 47 will be booked to appear on Face the Nation, Meet the Presstitude, Charlie Rose, George Suffopolous, Scott Pelly and the rest of the excuses that masquerade as journalist.

  49. I am amazed by the stupidity of people suggesting that Ted Cruz is a potential presidential candidate, first of all he is Canadian so for that thanks god he can’t become the leader of the free world and anyone voting for that idiot can’t be helped,…

  50. “He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur”

    Its amazing how the left wants to ignore the basic Constitution.

  51. Well I think “EVERY” Republican who signed that letter should be “Kicked Out” of Congress and stripped of everything, their $$$$ their Bank Accounts froze Their houses foreclosed on and anything else of Value taken away and sold. Cause none of us “Like” people who commit “High Treason” Against our Country and also Against our President. Don’t send these Idiots to Club Fed Send them to Getmo and let them see how it feels to be on the other side of the Fence.

  52. People, have you not read Article 2, Section 2 of the US Constitution? The president must get the consent of 2/3’s of the US Senate in order to make a legally binding agreement with a foreign nation. (aka a treaty) Obama doesn’t even want to ask the Senate to approve. John Kerry just admitted their plan is to have a non-legally binding agreement with Iran. The Senate pointing these facts out to Iran is NOT treason, and it’s not a violation of the Logan act.

  53. The courier-journal, Mitch’s hometown paper called out him and Rand Paul. With the caption “Senate Saboteurs”. The first line of the article was, “Has Congress gone crazy?” Loved it!!!!

  54. Psychopathic lawmakers are devoid of empathy and conscience. Their focus on power and greed takes precedence over the well-being of the people. There is a neurological propensity for contrariness, lying pathologically, and being self-serving at the detriment to others.
    The majority of people do not know how to identify the disorder.

    Let’s stop voting for psychopaths!…But, how?? Test politicians. NoPsychos.Org

  55. I don’t see what the fuss is about. If 47 Senators from Israel write to the U.S. President….so what?

    At least they know which side their bread is buttered.


  56. Over 200,000 signatures now. Though even if it was millions I am doubtful that it will make a difference. Lots of reporting I’ve watched stating that these traitorous unmentionables will get away without consequence. I sincerely hope that is not so. It would be so lovely if Holder swooped in and arrested the lot of them, but that might send our government into a tailspin. No matter what the cost (Even holding my nose till the next elections) I will not forget this and vote accordingly, with the conscience that I am sure these foolish foolish senators obviously lack.

  57. You read it. That applies to a *treaty*. It has not a damned thing to do with negotiations, which the Supreme Court, in the Curtis-Wright decidion of 1936, made clear were the exclusive province of the Executive. By trying to influence the *negotiations* in this fashion, these forty-seven senators were colorably in violation of the Logan Act. There are certainly enough grounds to bring them to trial.

  58. It’s amazing how people like you ignore that “Treaty” means “the final draft of a binding international agreement, ready to be ratified”. It does not mean “protocol” or “declaration”, and it surely does not mean “negotiation”, which, in the Curtis- Wright decision of 1936, the Supreme Court found to be the sole province of the Executive

  59. Boy, THAT’S the TRUTH!

    ABC’s Jonathan Karl, and NBC’s Bobbsey twins of Andrea (Mitchell) Greenspan & Chucky Todd have been particularly egregious in their Faux News “Fair & Balanced” shilling of Rethuglican talking points.

  60. True Ryan BUT.. Pres Obama is black while getting a law degree from Harvard,Cotton is, you guessed it white….Better don’t you understand?

  61. John, it is not amazing,the thugs really want to change the constitution. The kochs demand it and believe with their money THEY can buy it.

  62. Is the hatred for one man (President Obama), that intense that 47 supposedly intelligent men would stoop that low to not only undermine presidential authority but to also show our allies how divided this nation has become. I was embarrassed as a citizen of the United States when I read the civics lesson given to us by the Iranian Foreign Minister. If the other party had done this say to President Bush, the Republican party would be calling for heads to roll and they would be correct in doing so. This nonsense has to stop as we are beginning to look like the jackasses of the world

  63. six years and we have more centrifuges and still no statement of fact that Peaceful use of Nuclear Power by Iran is Bogus. Congress is concerned that we are doubling down on Stupid.

    when Iran finally gets The Bomb we will know who the real Traitor is.

  64. good to see these editorials, would love to see some legal action for this dangerous letter.

    Johnny Isakson (R GA) is up for reelection in 2016. I recently had cause to look at his Facebook page and was appalled at the way he spoke, he wants to “exterminate” and “eradicate” certain humans…just ridiculous phrasing. Hard to believe he is a US Senator and really frightening to think he would try to interfere in any foreign policy decision.

  65. John McCain’s signing of this letter illustrates his profound lack of judgment and explains why he was rejected by voters as being unfit to be President of the United States.

  66. This is not a treaty. It is an agreement and as such does not need ratification or approval. This is a negotiation between the United States and the 5 other world powers – Russia, China, Britain, France, and Germany regarding the degree of nuclear enrichment Iran will seek to produce and inspections to ensure Iran complies with the agreement. Further, Iran has agreed to sign the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, something Israel has refused to do. Israel has nukes and refuses inspections. Israel has nukes and has threatened to use them on the Iranian nuclear research facilities. Fortunately for us, the Israelis lack the means to bomb those facilities.

  67. The complete incompetence of 47 members of congress, three presidential hopefuls for the GOP. They should all be fired by their individual constituencies. 47 made to immediately to step down from office. It is blatantly obvious that they are incapable of governing and this country would be better off without their influence (blind rhetoric) on all of our lives.

  68. This is going to slap them down so low they won’t be able to see up! The whole world is watching this disgraceful act of plain ol’ racist bigotry against a “black man” who happens to be our President! Tough noogies. He won, twice … and this is all you have been able to do, in those six years … swat flies? Waste precious time which would have made a better impression if you actually accomplished something of lasting merit .. in other words, acted responsibly to those you SERVE and gave the impression that you really are worthy to call yourselves CHRISTIAN … because you followed the only commandments your “personal savior” gave us were to love ourselves with our whole hearts and to love our brothers as though they were ourselves … because they truly are ourselves … if you had any ounce of mental matter alive between your wax-filled ears!

  69. Such an action should make all signers ineligible to run for election to public office again – anywhere – period.

  70. So true, but our president’s Harvard Law Degree is in….wait for it… “Constitutional Law”.
    So c’mon Mr. President, let’s really get them right where we should have a long time ago, in their ignorance of the Real Constitution of the U.S.
    Punish Traitors the way it is written to punish traitors!

  71. Yes, because Dems have NEVER done something so egregious. It’s not like Solarz, D-NY and nine other senior Democrats ever sent a letter to Sandinista junta leader Daniel Ortega. It’s not like Senator Hillary Clinton went to Iraq in January 2007 — her third trip to that country since the 2003 invasion — as a means of establishing a platform for criticizing Bush policies for her upcoming run for the White House.
    God, you people who parrot party lines and have such a selective memory are such morons.

  72. It really says something when the highly conservative, far-right corporate media becomes upset with the Republican Party.

    The Republican US Congress is a national disgrace and a national security risk.

  73. Republicans stand against the rule of law
    against respecting the office of the President
    against the Constitution
    against America and its people
    for racism
    for treachery
    for willful ignorance, stupidty, and incompetence. Are you feeling proud of yourselves for supporting them, yet folks?

  74. Used to be God Bless America. Now it needs to be God HELP America. One thing – some of this nut cases in power are new, so they have not forgotten how to govern. They have never learned how to govern. They bring shame on the USA and shame on their “Grand Old Party” – a term very much needing to be in quotes these days.

  75. Traitor Kelly Ayotte up for Re-election in 2016, she has lots of skeletons behind her door. She had her nose stuck in mcCains butt from day one, look where she is now.
    Siding with the other 46. I’m sure her veteran husband is proud of her

    VOTE HER OUT New Hampshire

  76. Yes, support your local NewsPaper who supports Diplomacy , who support Peace..Don’t subscribe to Racist Union Leader of NH . only has space for Republicans, especially Sen Kelly Ayotte, even when she supported a convicted fellon for shooting Liko Kenny , Bode Millers Cousin.Then she AG Ayotte of NH had her own Bengazie,PONZI Scheme FRM, this message didn’t come to her desk,but it had to for AG Eric Holder. she’s a piece of work alright.

  77. For the first time in my 67 years on earth, all spent in Arkansas, I am ashamed to tell people where I live. Tom Cotton was a Republican plant to take the offices on the national stage. He graduated from Harvard and immediately became a Beltway lobbyist and never came back to Arkansas until the Republicans fashioned him as someone they could run and buy to take these important offices. He came back to Arkansas just long enough to qualify to run for these offices. when he was running he couldn’t find anything to combat our then current Senator Mark Pryor with other than he supported Obama, in all his speeches and campaign stops he would say Obama’s name hundreds of times. The part I hate is that he led the Arkansas citizens by the nose and shoved them straight over the cliff. I just hope we can live with 5 1/2 more years of this idiot. America please forgive Arkansas for sending this goof ball to Washington. Not everyone from Arkansas swallowed his stupidity.


    : the betrayal of a trust : treachery

    All 47 should tried and convicted. Try a stunt like that with Warren Buffet or Donald Trump! As stated by most reasonable true Americans – idiots and morons, all 47. And Rudy Giuliani questions President Obama’s allegiance and patriotism? Umm really Rude?

  79. The signatories to the letter to Iran showed a shocking ignorance of the situation and a serious lack of judgement. The agreement would not be only between the US and Iran; there are five other countries that would be parties to it. Furthermore, the letter is a terrible violation of our constitution – the same constitution the signatories constantly say is behind their political posturing.

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