Six GOP Presidential Hopefuls Spent More Money Than They Raised in 3rd Quarter

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The 14-candidate Republican presidential field is destined to shrink soon, as six Republican candidates spent more than they raised in the 3rd quarter of 2015. The half dozen candidates who had burn rates above 100 percent, included the four “children’s table” debaters, as well as Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

The nearly invisible former New York Governor George Pataki had the worst burn rate at 226 percent, meaning for every dollar he raised he spent 2 dollars and 26 cents. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul weren’t far behind, with burn rates of 188 and 181 respectively. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum also had burn rates over 100 percent.

Those six Republican candidates are finding that they do not even have enough supporters to fund the basic operating costs of their campaigns. The cash starved candidates are struggling just to cover travel expenses, staff salaries and the costs of keeping campaign offices open.

For political observers trying to figure out which GOP candidate will be the next to drop out of the race, the six candidates who spent more than they raised provides a clue as to who are the most likely hopefuls to abandon hope and throw in the towel.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Texas Governor Rick Perry have already ended their campaigns. Several other candidates may not be far behind in ending their 2016 presidential bids.

Even the more successful Republican fundraisers are dealing with a financial crunch. For example, Jeb Bush, whose campaign raised over 13 million dollars in the 3rd quarter, is scaling back staff salaries to manage his payroll. Bush out-raised every Republican but Ben Carson in the 3rd quarter, but his haul was precariously low for a campaign that had to pay out a 1.7 million dollar quarterly staff payroll.

The Republican field is so large that there are essentially too many mouths to feed for GOP contributors. Candidates at the top are left hungry for more, while candidates who are polling poorly are starving for infusions of cash. There simply aren’t enough contributions flowing in to feed the candidates at the “children’s table”, and even some of the marginal candidates at the grown-ups debate table like Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul are scrambling for crumbs.

While Republicans often portray themselves as stewards of fiscal responsibility, nearly half the GOP presidential campaigns are spending money they don’t have, to stay in a race they can’t win.

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  1. Maybe they will raise their personal debt ceiling since they control Congress and spent more than they raise in taxes

  2. Politicians begging for FREE money, insulting voters who also like FREE stuff! They deserve whatever comes their way. Or, what doesn’t come their way

  3. Have they tried staying at a motel? Do they eat just Mac and cheese? How bout drinking tap water instead of bottled? How bout flying economy instead of first class, or do they think they are too privileged for such things?

  4. kudos for bringing back the original comment format. i hate having to use FB as a sign in, and the tracking that goes with it. i like this website, its one of the very few with folk who are just as leftist as me, and still give a shit. workers of the world, unite.

    now wheres my little icon with mr money bags???

  5. i still trying to visualize all the psyops, and black ops, have to cull from trump over the years. the negative ads that will be run by the superPACS, if its trump will be something.

  6. Voting with $$$$ sends a message to the bottom 6-8 republican candidates: You aren’t wanted. Those guys need to close shop and go back to being nuisances somewhere else.

    We can pin their persistence on POB. He audaciously had hope. Won in 2008 despite starting off trailing before the debates and primaries. The long odds, the upset. The Cinderella candidate.

    Ironically, he’s inspired (or challenged) candidates in both parties with the hope that they can duplicate his success. But you, sirs, are no Barack Hussein Obama.

  7. Typical GOP operating procedure. Overspend. Next comes blame someone else (preferably Obama or Hilary Clinton)for the lack of support.

  8. ‘A ‘Campaign Nightmare’: How Scott Walker Ended Up With $1 Million in Debt’

    The campaign burned through about $90,000 a day without even running major broadcast ads, doing so months before the first votes are cast.

    Walker’s sons, Matt and Alex, who took the fall semester off of college to campaign with their father, each made about $1,540 per month in salary for a total of $9,652.

  9. …the Teatards {INCLUDING TRUMP!!!} have no positive political skills whatsodamnedever…they use projection, and false equivalence, and literally ANY kind of lie to try to put lipstick on a sow…
    …but We the People are getting tired o’ giving ’em chances to make good…and this goes back to at least Dick Nixon…

    Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.

    Harry S Truman


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