An Unhinged Trump Flies Into A Rage Over Recount That He Planted The Seeds For

President-elect Donald Trump is enraged and viewing the recount as a personal insult. The problem is that it was Trump himself who raised doubts about the integrity of US elections by complaining that the election was going to be stolen from him.

Trump went on a Twitter bender on Sunday morning concerning the recount:

Trump spent the last month of the presidential election claiming that the election was going to be stolen from him. In Colorado, Trump claimed mail in ballots supporting him would be thrown away.

In October, Trump tweeted that the election was being stolen from him:

A Politico/Morning Consult poll found that 41% of registered voters believed that the election could be stolen from Trump.

Donald Trump is the person who sowed the seeds of doubt about this election. Those doubts don’t vanish because he won. The Hillary Clinton campaign has made it crystal clear that they don’t think the recount will change the results of the election, but they are participating because they feel like they owe it to their supporters.

It is troubling that the president-elect said nothing in his tweets to defend the integrity of our electoral system. In Donald Trump’s view, elections that he loses are rigged, and elections that he wins are fair.

Trump’s ranting about Hillary Clinton is misguided and out of touch with reality. Trump told the voters that the election was rigged, and as a consequence, voters are questioning the legitimacy of his win.

The president-elect created the climate for this recount. If he wants to blame someone for its existence, he needs to look in the mirror.

Because Donald Trump, you built this.

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