Instead Of Running The Country, Trump Is Tweeting With Kanye West

Impeachment or removal can’t come soon enough, as Trump spends the middle of a weekday workday thanking Kanye West on Twitter.

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Kanye tweeted:

Trump tweeted:

It is a Wednesday afternoon on a workday, and Donald Trump is tweeting to Kanye West about coolness. Trump only “works” from 11 AM-6 PM each day according to his leaked private schedule. Of course, the White House does build in “executive time” during the day. Executive time is Trump code for watching Fox News and tweeting. Kanye is going to Kanye, which means that he is going to continue to do and say insane things. Kanye and Trump share a deep disassociation from reality. I believe that is what West means by dragon energy.

Trump is not even trying to do the basics of the job. He is in the White House for graft. The administration needs to stop trying to fool the American people. Trump doesn’t work. Trump watches TV, tweets, and golfs on the weekends on the taxpayers’ dime.

The country can handle the burden of Trump for a short time, but eventually, the nation needs a president who will show up for work and do the job. That president is not Donald Trump.

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