Trump Admits That He Is Going To Get Sued For Illegal Executive Orders

Trump admitted that he is going to be sued for his planned executive orders cutting payroll taxes and expanding extended unemployment benefits.

Trump said via a transcript from The White House provided to PoliticusUSA:

Q Because there are questions they may be found illegal.

THE PRESIDENT: No. If somebody — well, you always get sued. I mean, everything you do you get sued. I was sued on the travel ban, and we won. I was sued on a lot of things, and we won. So we’ll see. Yeah, probably we get sued, but people feel that we can do it.


Trump’s claim that he has been sued on a lot things and won is absurdly false. Trump has more at the federal court level than any other president. Trump’s legal work has been so sloppy that it has been cited for a reason for his defeat in multiple Supreme Court cases. Trump lost 63 federal court cases in two years. Recently, Trump lost cases on DACA, stealing money from the military to fund his wall and his claim of “absolute immunity.”

The idea that Trump’s clearly illegal executive orders are going to hold up to legal scrutiny is insane, but these executive orders aren’t about the law.

The executive orders are election-year stunts to make it look like Trump is solving problems. Trump has no record to run on. The President also has no platform for a second term.

Trump knows he is going to get sued, but as people are dying, he would rather pretend to do something than addressing the multiple crises going on in the country.

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