Former Republican Justin Amash Says He Won’t Vote for Biden or Trump

Justin Amash slapped down suggestions that he was about to endorse Joe Biden late on Sunday after speculation mounted about a high profile Republican backing the Democrat.

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich – a Republican – said that a prominent Republican congressman would publicly endorse Biden. He later clarified that he meant a former member of Congress.

However, Amash became the subject of speculation before Kasich’s comments were cleared up. He categorically ruled out supporting the former Vice President.

Amash responded to a tweet from Washington Post journalist Dave Weigel speculating it could be him or Rep. Will Hurd.

It’s not me. Come on, Dave. How long have you known me? And I highly doubt it’s Hurd. He wouldn’t be my guess,” Amash tweeted.

To be extra clear, I do not support Donald Trump. I’m voting for [Jo Jorgensen],” he said.

“She cares about tackling systemic problems in government. Trump is just a symptom. Biden won’t address the causes.”

Jorgenson is the Libertarian candidate for president her positions no doubt align with Amash’s. However, the chances of a Jorgenson victory are slim to none.

Amash was widely criticized for flirting with his own third party presidential bid earlier this year. The identity of the former Republican congressman who may endorse Biden is still unknown.

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