Trump Refuses To Answer When Asked Why He Blocked USPS From Sending Out Masks

Trump quickly changed the subject when he was asked why he blocked the Postal Service from sending masks to every American.

Trump said:

I don’t run it. As you know, that’s run by a commission and they run it, I think, frankly, if they would raise the price of packaging you’d end up making a lot of money or breaking even or doing something the post office has been a mess for many, many generations but for certainly decades. It loses a lot of money, it’s always lost a lot of money one of the reasons it loses a lot of money now is that it’s delivering all these packages and every time they deliver a package they lose $3 or whatever the number may be. I would suggest that raise the price of packages and you might get something where it loses very little.

Or made some money whether it’s Amazon or any of the other internet delivery services, if you did that, you would have a whole different post office, hopefully, they’ll be doing that. In the meantime, I know so many people in the postal service, they’re incredible people, and they’re very secure, they’re going to be very secure.


Here is the draft of the USPS press release:

How many lives could have been saved if the USPS would have been allowed to send the reusable masks? Sending the masks would have gone against Trump’s strategy of downplaying the pandemic, and Jared Kushner’s plan for no national response.

At every turn throughout the pandemic, Trump has chosen to put himself first and make America sicker.

Trump didn’t have an answer, because admitting the truth would mean confessing to putting the well being of the American people last.

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