Trump Plans To Use His Federal Judges To Steal The Election

Trump admitted during his rally in North Carolina that he is planning on stealing the election by getting his federal judges to throw out ballots.

Politico reported:

President Donald Trump signaled Saturday night that he expects federal judges to play a key role in achieving a definitive result within hours of the polls closing on Election Day.

“We’re going to have a victory on November 3rd the likes of which you’ve never seen,” Trump told a rally in Fayetteville, N.C. “Now, we’re counting on the federal court system to make it so that we can actually have an evening where we know who wins. Not where the votes are going to be counted a week later or two weeks later.”

Trump’s plan is to dispute mail-in ballots and use federal judges that he appointed to throw out the votes of the American people. Trump is suggesting that he is going to declare victory on election night and then sue states where mail-in ballots are still being counted to make sure that only votes cast on election day are counted.

Polls show Biden’s lead as remaining stable. Voters in ten states are already voting, but Trump is planning on contesting the election results and hoping that federal judges that he appointed will rule in his favor. Trump has been consistently losing cases at the state level in his war on voting by mail.

Trump needs to be overwhelmingly defeated so that it doesn’t matter what he claims; the results must be clear to all.

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