WATCH: Trump Admits That He’s Rushing SCOTUS Vote So He can Contest Election Results

Poll after poll after poll has shown Donald Trump in poor position to remain president. While he’s down in nearly every swing states, polling is starting to show states Republicans expected to carry within the margin of error. This includes places like Texas, Georgia and Iowa.

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg threw Trump’s flailing campaign a lifeline. While there are Republican hopes that a SCOTUS fight could energize their base, Trump on Tuesday hinted that he is counting on the new judge for something else.

Trump told reporters during a scrum, “We need 9 justices. You need that. With the unsolicited millions of ballots that they’re sending … you’re gonna need 9 justices.”

In 2000, the battle between Al Gore and George W. Bush went to the Supreme Court. Despite Gore’s win in the popular vote, the court declared Bush the winner.

Trump is seemingly hoping to do something similar this time around. The gambit might not be as easy as he thinks it is.

Rantt Media’s Ahmed Baba explains, “If this is Trump’s game plan, it’s a stretch tbh. If Trump loses to Biden by a wide margin, he’ll have to get election officials in key states he lost to collude with him cry fake fraud. He’d then have to convince SCOTUS to agree with his lies and overturn the results.”

Still, Democrats will look to vote in huge numbers on November 3rd and through the mail in an effort to make the results uncontestable.