Federal Courts Block GOP Attack On Voters In Michigan And Georgia

In two separate cases, federal courts stopped Republicans from attacking voting rights in Michigan and Georgia.

In Michigan, an illegal voter purge was blocked:

In Georgia, a federal judge required backup paper ballots for all votes cast:

In Pennsylvania, the state Republican Party is trying to get the US Supreme Court to overrule the state supreme court’s ruling protecting voting rights:

The odds of the Supreme Court intervening are slim, because Republicans tried this same ploy after the state redistricting ruling, and Justice Alito turned them down. There is no area of unsettled law, so the odds of SCOTUS getting involved are very low.

Voters got two big victories out of federal courts in the critical states of Michigan and Georgia. After the fiasco that was the Georgia gubernatorial election that saw Stacey Abrams robbed in the view of many getting paper backup ballots is critical to making sure that voters aren’t disenfranchised and every vote counts.

In Michigan, Republicans tried to cut voters out of the electorate to help Trump,

Republicans can’t win at the ballot box, so they are trying to use the court system to stay in power, but so far, voting rights advocates are ready and their schemes are failing.

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