Trump Unravels In Michigan And Makes Fun Of Kamala Harris’s Name


Trump came to Michigan to make fun of Kamala Harris’s name and mock Fox’s Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask.



Trump said, “Biden’s running mate, she makes Bernie look like a conservative. Crazy Bernie is like a conservative compared to her. Kam-a-la. You have to pronounce it exactly right. Otherwise, she gets very upset. Even though she can’t pronounce it right. You saw that the other night? I think that was on the great Laura Ingraham’s show. Actually, I watched that.”

Trump went on to mock Ingraham, who is at the rally for being “politically correct” by wearing a mask.

The rally is a continuation of Trump’s farewell tour. The President clearly has nothing to say to voters to persuade them to vote for him on the basis of an agenda for the future. He is on the campaign trail soaking up the love of his maskless supporters while spreading coronavirius all through the country.

Donald Trump has nothing of substance to say, which is why his closing message to voters was to make fun of Kamala Harris’s name.

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