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Idaho Lieutenant Governor Criticizes Coronavirus Restrictions in Video for Libertarian Group

Idaho Lieutenant Gov. Janice McGeachin (R) criticizes coronavirus restrictions in a video for the Idaho Freedom Foundation, a libertarian organization that claims Idaho’s leadership is infringing on individual liberties to battle a pandemic that “may or may not be occurring.” “We recognize that all of us are by nature, free and equal, and have certain…

Undecided voters call Trump a crackhead after watching debate

White House Strategic Communications Director Says Trump’s Promise to Have Vaccine by Election Day Was “Arbitrary”

White House strategic communications director Alyssa Farah said President Donald Trump‘s promise to have a coronavirus vaccine available by Election Day was “arbitrary.” “We’ve got nearly half a dozen vaccines that are in Phase Three clinical trials, which is record time to get it there for a novel virus like we’re dealing with,” she said….


Trump Accuses Rick Snyder, Who Endorsed Biden, of Having “Poisoned” the People of Flint

President Donald Trump blamed former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for the city of Flint’s ongoing water crisis and criticized his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, for accepting Snyder’s endorsement. “I would NEVER have taken the endorsement of the man who, through gross incompetence, poisoned the people of Flint, Michigan,” Trump said, referring to the high levels…

Trump Farewell Tour

Trump Campaign Accuses Minnesota of “Free Speech-Stifling” After Officials Order Planned Rally to Be Capped at 250 People

The Trump campaign accused Minnesota officials of stifling free speech after the state ordered that they cap attendance at 250 people amid concern that a larger event would spread the coronavirus. “The announcement comes as Trump’s campaign sought to shift the venue to a nearby business but ultimately reversed course and moved ahead with the…

Trump Press Conference Mail In Voting Meltdown

Trump Claims Therapeutics Are “Working” Even as U.S. Continues to Break Coronavirus Case Records

President Donald Trump claimed that therapeutics are “working” and lowering coronavirus fatality rates despite another surge in coronavirus infections across the United States. “More Testing equals more Cases. We have best testing. Deaths WAY DOWN. Hospitals have great additional capacity! Doing much better than Europe,” he claimed. More Testing equals more Cases. We have best…

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