Democrat Mark Kelly Rips Trump for Disrespecting his Republican Opponent Martha McSally


One of the most closely watched states on election night is sure to be Arizona. The state has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1952. Polls, however, are showing that Joe Biden has a very good chance at garnering its 11 electoral votes in 2020.

Another important battle is the senate race between Democrat Mark Kelly and Republican incumbent Martha McSally. Polls are showing that Kelly has an even wider lead over McSally than Biden has over Trump. Ticket splitting is common in the state.

Since having control of the senate helped Donald Trump avoid impeachment earlier this year, one would think that he would want as many Republican lawmakers as possible.


That didn’t seem to be the case during a rally the other night in the state. Trump humiliated McSally by giving her only 1 minute to plead her case.

“Martha, come up, just fast, quickly,” Trump said. “Fast, fast, c’mon quick. You’ve got one minute, one minute, say. They don’t want to hear this Martha, c’mon. Quick, quick, quick. C’mon, let’s go.”

Today, a reporter asked Kelly, “The president was here just the other day and he’s formed this partnership with Martha McSally. But he stood up here on stage and said that, ‘nobody wants to hear this, Martha.’ What did you hear when he made that statement?”

Kelly responded, “Well, I think it’s unfortunate. I think the president of the United States should have respect for an Arizona senator.”

Watch a clip of Kelly’s comments below: