Joe Biden Lays Into Trump And Brings The Blue Wave To Iowa


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden laid into Trump for hanging out on the golf course instead of passing pandemic aid in Iowa.



Forner Vice President Biden said:

Donald Trump refuses to listen to science. He politicizes the race for a vaccine. Instead of planning for its safe and equitable, and free distribution, he refuses to provide schools and small businesses the resources to open safely and stay open. I’m going to bring together Republicans and Democrats to deliver economic relief to working families and schools and businesses. The congress has already passed this legislation. It’s sitting there. But he refused. He got spent all the time this summer in the golf course bunkers or down in the White House bunker.

I’ve been around for a while. I bet even senator Grassley has to acknowledge. I don’t remember any other president in a crisis where there’s a disagreement in the house and the senate between Democrats and Republicans, didn’t even try to bring them together to deal with this. The House back in May passed a Heroes Act, which would allow businesses, schools to open safely. Because it costs money. You need sanitation. You need ventilation. You need masking. You need distancing. You need separators. It all costs money but instead 1 in 6 businesses now out of business. Because he won’t act.
As Trump rambled in Michigan, where he is more interested in soaking in the adulation of supporters and making fun of Kamala Harris’s name, Joe Biden is delivering a stinging indictment of Trump’s failures and he is showing voters in a key swing state the real-life consequences of Trump’s refusal to provide help.

Iowa is a dead heat. While Trump is wasting time trying to recapture his lost 2016 glory, Biden is working on bringing the blue wave back to the Heartland.

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