Mail Ballots Found Piled On Post Office Floor In Critical Florida District

Video footage of a post office in Miami Dade County, Florida found mail-in ballots piled on the floor as voters haven’t been getting mail.

Here is the video:

Some of the residents haven’t received mail from this post office in five days:

The video above is an example of the mail sabotage that concerned so many experts when Trump and Postmaster General DeJoy started slowing down the mail months ago.

The good news for Florida voters is that if they don’t receive their ballot, they can still vote on election day by provisional ballot.

The video appears to show an intentional effort to suppress the mail-in vote in a key Democratic county in Florida. Polling suggests that Joe Biden has a narrow lead in the Sunshine State, but the delay of the mail has all of the fingerprints of a Trumpian voter suppression effort in a key swing state.

The post office had been backlogged for a week, and Florida Republicans did not seem interested in doing anything about it until public pressure forced them to act.

Don’t trust the post office in these few remaining critical days. Hand deliver your ballot or vote in person on election day.

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