Steve Schmidt Calls Out Lindsey Graham For Plotting A Coup To Save Trump


The Lincoln Project’s Steve Schmidt said that Lindsey Graham was not forced to pay the price to he is plotting what is tantamount to a coup.



Schmidt said on MSNBC:

The good news is this. The majority of the country has rejected this. They have rejected it by more than 4 million votes. The states of Georgia will flip. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin. This is a very substantial victory by Vice President Biden. It is a historic victory. It is hard to turn a president out of office. Donald Trump has been repudiated by the righteous anger of the American people significantly.

Now, the trump enablers like Lindsey Graham, they paid no price. They were rewarded for it. And now we see Lindsey Graham standing up with Donald Trump in what is tantamount, at least rhetorically, to a coup. In the end, from Lexington and Concord forward, the idea of the country was that we, and by we I mean the people, govern ourselves. We pick the leaders. Our politicians don’t tell us how long they wish to serve. We tell them.

Steve Schmidt was referring to Lindsey Graham pushing the idea that the PA state legislature that could appoint their own Trump slate of electors and ignore voting results:

Courts have already rejected the rationale that Graham was suggesting in other related cases. The state legislature does not have the ability to nullify an election, but make no mistake what Graham was suggesting was a coup to keep Trump in power.

The good news is that Democrats have a chance to make Republicans pay by taking over the Senate with victories in two Georgia runoff election.

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