Barack Obama Says He Might Get COVID Vaccine on TV to Increase American Confidence

In an amazing feat, multiple medical companies have created an effective COVID-19 vaccine.  While the treatments can eventually eradicate the pandemic, the worry now is that a number of Americans will fail to get vaccinated.

During a Wednesday appearance on Joe Madison’s Sirius/XM radio show, Barack Obama talked about ways that he might be able to help. The 44th president even said that he would be willing to get the vaccine live on TV in an effort to convince Americans it was safe.

People in the country are leery to get the treatment for a number of different factors including misinformation on Facebook, attacks on Doctors like Anthony Fauci and comments straight from Donald Trump.

Obama told Madison, “I will be taking it and I may take it on TV or have it filmed so people know that I trust this science. What I don’t trust is getting Covid.”

The 44th president also talked about the reason people of color may fear preventative medicine:

“I understand, historically, everything dating back all the way to the Tuskegee experiments and so forth, why the African-American community would have some skepticism. But the fact of the matter is, is that vaccines are why we don’t have polio anymore. And they’re the reason why we don’t have a whole bunch of kids dying from measles, and smallpox and diseases that used to decimate entire populations and communities.”

Obama closed his comments by advising, “If you are in that category, if you are elderly, if you’ve got a preexisting condition, if you’re a frontline worker, if you’re a medical worker, if you are in a grocery store, if you’re a first responder, you should take that vaccine.”