Ted Cruz Could Face Expulsion Or Prosecution As Video Shows Rioters Inspired By Him

A new video of the Capitol insurrection shows rioters saying that they were doing what Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) wanted them to do.

Video clip:

The insurrectionists said:

The full video is even more damning for Republicans.

Speaker of the House Pelosi suggested that members of Congress who aided and abetted the Capitol insurrection should be criminally charged. The Justice Department said during a press conference that will criminally charge Congress members if they are found to have been involved.

The comments of the rioters are damning because they reveal that Cruz directly inspired them by challenging the election and repeating the Trump lies about fraud and the election being stolen. Sen. Cruz’s political career should be over. Just like Trump, he should be banned from holding federal office, and his cynical dream of using a bogus election challenge as a launchpad for his 2024 campaign should be crushed to dust.

People who tried to overthrow the government mentioned Ted Cruz by name. Sen. Cruz should be held accountable because his words and actions, along with Donald Trump’s, helped to incite the attack on democracy.

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