WATCH: Fox Hosts Are Unhappy That Biden Addressed White Supremacy in Inauguration Speech

It’s been said that the people who voted for Donald Trump did so for a variety of reasons. Some did so because they felt neither party was addressing their needs. Others did so because of “economic anxiety.”

But plenty of people who voted for Donald Trump did so because of his appeals to nativism and white supremacy. That was pretty clear from the storming of the US Capitol.

Still, some of the folks at Fox News are a bit touchy about the issue of racism. And on Wednesday, host Martha MacCallum and guest Dan Henninger were certainly upset that Biden mentioned white supremacy in his speech.

Henninger said, “They (Trump fans)  might be asking, “Why is he bringing up nativism and fear and telling lies for power and profit in the middle of an inaugural speech?” 

MacCallum replied, “I — I think it’s a great point that you bring up, Dan. He talked about nativism, racism and fear. And, you know, it kind of fits in to the litany of words that we’ve heard about the deplorables, about clinging to guns and religion, about cults and people being — need to be deprogrammed.”

The host continued, “And — and although there was a lot of outreach in that speech, there was not a line that he could have had in there that might have said, you know, “You, you know, you voted for President Trump and, you know, I hear you. I hear the things that you want, I hear the things that you care about. And I want to meet you half way.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: