Georgia House Republicans Pass Massive Voter Suppression Bill Based On Trump’s Big Lie

Republicans in the Georgia House have passed a bill to restrict the use of ballot drop boxes, require more ID for absentee voting, and limit early voting.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution detailed what is in the bill:

Limits Sunday voting to one optional Sunday in each county
– Reduces ballot drop boxes by requiring them to be located inside early voting locations
– Requires a driver’s license number, state ID number, or copy of photo ID to vote absentee
– Sets a deadline to request absentee ballots 11 days before election day
– Disqualifies provisional ballots cast in the wrong precinct
– Bans outside funding of elections from nonprofit organizations
– Prohibits governments from mailing unsolicited absentee ballot applications
– Creates instant-runoff voting for military and overseas voters
– Schedules runoffs four weeks after election day rather than the current nine weeks
– Prevents free food and drinks for voters waiting in line to vote
– Restricts early voting buses to emergencies

The legislation is looking to take away much of what Democrats used to be successful in Georgia in 2020. Republicans are doing this in response to Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen, but Democrats are readying a legal challenge to the bill.

The best thing that Democrats can do to stop this sort of blatant election rigging in its tracks would be to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the For The People Act.

Unless Democrats want to give back all of their 2020 gains in 2022 and 2024, they must take action because Republicans are mounting a nationwide effort to rig the vote.

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